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AE-FUNAI FMSS Dean’s Unity Cup Final – Summary

The FMSS Dean’s Unity Cup has finally come to an end. It was one of the best and most intriguing football competitions in the school. The final match kicked off on Friday December 13th, 2019. It was between Economics and Accountancy.

Before the event, the opening prayer was said by Senator Sorochi folloed by the AE-FUNAI Anthem/Aluta Anthem. Some important organizers like Dr Micheal Enyiogazi, Dr. Emmanuel Agha, Senator Agbo Solomon, Senator Sorochi, Comrade Emmanuel Uwakwem (DOI) e.t.c were also present before the kick off.

The first half of the match was superb. The two teams were evenly matched as the first half ended in a 1 – 1 draw. Cookie (Accountancy) fired a fantastic shot which pinpointed the keeper as the ball went into the net. Not even up to a minute, James (Economics) equalized with a great free kick. I must say the free-kick was superb! Still in the first half, the two competitors missed a lot of chances to score.

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Winner FMSS Dean’s Unity Cup
Connect, an Accountancy player lifting the Cup with others

On the second half, it was thrilling. Economics Goalkeeper made 3 important saves as they deny Accountancy team an important early second half lead. Accountancy keeper also made two important saves in the game. The both sides were very good in defense.

Cookie (Accountancy) who already had an early goal during the 17th Minute fired a low ball which rolled directly from the right side of the post into the net to net. That gave Accountancy team a 1 – 2 lead from the 79th minute of the game to the final whistle. The winner of the competition was Accountancy.

Dr Micheal Enyiogazi and Dr. Emmanuel Agha


The awards were presented by Dr Micheal Enyiogazi. Oscar (Accountancy) won the Best Player of the tournament. Obinna (Economics) won the Highest Goal scorer of the Tournament with 5 goals. Martins (Political Science) won the Best Goalkeeper of the tournament. Finally God’stime (Business Administration won the Best Defender of the tournament.

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