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Becky Citizen Tv 1st August 2023 Written Updates

Becky Citizen Tv 1st August 2023

Today we will look at Becky Citizen Tv 1st August 2023 Written Updates. Check out what happened between Trish, Becky, Junior, and others. Let’s continue on Becky Citizen Tv 1st August 2023 part one and two.

Becky Citizen Tv 1st August 2023 Written Updates

Part 1

That’s how things are; we are starting with Becky’s employer, and don’t forget that today is Becky’s first day working there, and she has already entered madam’s red flag. We left Becky cleaning the living room, and it was now time for Sally’s mother to come and inspect to see if she had done a clean job.

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Becky knew then the work was to end, but Sally looked at her, smiled, and told Becky, “The finger has meaning; Madhe is happy with your work, hallelujah.” Hallelujah. Step outside; the guests have already arrived; they have come to attend big brother’s birthday, and the one who is supposed to be here is on their way, stepping on their feet.

Becky 1st August 2023 Full Episode

Sally called her brother and asked, “Where are you?” He told him, “I was coming, but now this is where we finished; the car stopped and refused to go; it was forced now for Trish and her friend to trek.” Trish was so surprised until she told her friend, “This is weird, but let me tell you the truth of the matter, the car is not seated; this guy is a plan to make it a surprise for Trish.” It was all planned.

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When they entered the gate, Trish was surprised to find people waiting for her, but now, Haaa! It has started to hurt now. When Becky was inside, she looked outside to see that a visitor had arrived.

She was shocked to see who it was. Junior’s lover, and that of one very big mistake. Becky and Junior were lovers, and now Becky is the one who works for Junior, and Junior has a girlfriend named Trisha.

Becky is the one who doesn’t believe; she knows now that she works for Junior. Wow! It’s starting to lick her off now. Then Becky is a fool; she starts consoling herself, saying, “I think Trish is the daughter of Madam Boss.” Actually, the birthday is Trish’s and not Junior’s, big brother.

Part 2: Becky Citizen Tv 1st August 2023

Trish is also surprised; she didn’t expect her birthday to be like this. Becky also came and called Tracey’s friend, who connected her to work. She told her that she had already reached work; she convinced the boss, and she is working.

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Out here, Trish is the one who doesn’t believe that happiness is happiness. She had many birthday surprises until she went live on TikTok and told you guys, “Imagine today I have a birthday surprise.”

Then the nonsense is that Junior is talking to his mother and telling her how serious he is with Trish, but Trish is busy on the phone and is live on TikTok. Becky and she decided to come peek outside to see Junior, and it turns out Junior is also there when he comes in the room.

Becky had to hide when she heard that coming. So Junior also came and stood at Becky’s hiding place and showed how he would tell Trish to propose. Becky hears this, and still Junior doesn’t know Becky is here.

Out here on a birthday, while Trish is talking to Junior’s parents, behind him! Junior has kneeled, ready to propose. Trish has never been so happy. Junior spoke his words about how he loved him. Becky witnessed everything; Junior proposed to Trish, and she didn’t believe it. Junior, of all the people and the way I used to love you, Becky just finished, but what will she do?

Becky 1st August 2023 written update

The party was okay, but there is a way Junior’s mother is looking at Trish a lot; the girl is busy on TikTok, and when Junior’s mother was there, Trish, by bad luck, knocked Sally’s mother’s glass, and it broke.

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It is better that you break this woman’s leg, but don’t destroy her plate. Sally knew that, and she had to calm her mother down. Her mother told her to go and call the maid to come and pick up these broken glasses.

Sally came and called her Becky, and now Becky imagines she is going outside where Junior is to collect glass. She does not believe Junior’s mother pretends to be very happy; she talked a little, praising her son, and said how Junior planned everything without even telling his mother that he planned with Sally alone.

It was party after party, and they drank, ate, and were happy. Becky came to remove those glasses, and now they met Junior just now. Becky does not believe, and Junior is also shocked. The question is, “What is happening between Junior and Becky?”

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