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Best career to choose why studying in the higher institutions 2023

Best career to choose why studying in the higher institutions 2022

Have you been wondering which course should I choose and go for, which course of study is the best or which course of study should I choose as a career and be free from federal government and NGO’S unemployment sequel. Worry no more as we relate and review to you, one of the best course one should choose and make fortunes out of it.

In this article I will show you the best course to choose if you are in confusion and not certain on which course to go for. So, explore the ideas below.

The best course one should choose in such situations is Agriculture science courses

Agriculture as career course

This is one of the best course one can read all over the world and be self-reliant and self-employed with little application not looking for whom to employ you. But it is too sad to say that 80% of our young ones nowadays neglect this noble life-changing course to read.

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Courses that are popular and prestige like medicine and surgery, Engineering, Accountancy, Law etc. of which there are many who venture into them, and still begs for bread these days unlike in agriculture.

Here are life-changing careers in agriculture, one can read and be self-made.

  1. Animal science and production
  2. Fishery and Aquaculture
  3. Horticulture and beautification
  4. Agricultural genetics
  5. Crop science and production


Students who eventually ends up reading animal science and production are said to be the happiest on earth after their graduation because most of them opens farms (such as poultry, piggery, etc.) Which are great source of wealth in agriculture with little capital and they grow it to a mega farm from the knowledge they acquired in school.

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This is a speedily growing industry that is eradicating poverty with the help of establishment of fishponds of many types like tilapia, catfish etc. for business purposes. Many hotels with the help of practitioner from this sector makes fortunes from point and kill business.


Through the knowledge gotten in studying this as a course, one can earn a living from the art of growing some edible fruits, vegetables and flowers, or ornamental plants for house decorations with stands to be a big source of income.


This is where science is taking us to, and with the knowledge gotten from studying this, one can become self-employed and independent on his own and breeding different kinds of hybrids of crops and animals. Also, make great money from it.

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This is a virgin land in agricultural field, which refuse to wither or grow old just like in agricultural genetics. Someone who produces crops, can be producing variety of hybrids crops through breeding, thereby producing crops with early maturity, resistance to disease, amazing yield etc. and make a lot of funds from it.

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