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Best Free Nord VPN premium usernames and passwords

Best Free Nord VPN premium accounts | 100% working till 2022/more

OKVIX is here again to help you discover the best Free Nord VPN premium usernames and passwords. Nord VPN (Virtual private network) is one of the best VPN in the world with multiple features, and lots of users. That’s why you’re about to also, discover free Nord VPN premium usernames and passwords.

With Nord VPN premium,

  • Your sensitive data will be transmitted safely.
  • Allows you to conduct your work smoothly.
  • Hides your original IP address, and give you another one.
  • You can browse the internet anonymously, safely, and securely.

Nord VPN have free 30days trial but, I guess, that won’t be enough for you. That’s why I have provided to you, usernames and passwords to use freely in Nord VPN premium application. These are Nord VPN premium accounts for 2 years.

Best Free Nord VPN premium usernames and passwords

The usernames and passwords are:

  • Password: jaynser1
  • Password: Fdsa1234
  • Password: brayley44
  • Password: Cheeserocks18
  • Password: Sniper12!
  • Password: Steel1190
  • Gugla9905269
  • Password: Texasboi32
  • Password: 9899josh
  • Password: Recovery12
  • Password: Whit21ney
  • Password: Schoolboy09
  • Password: Tree6688
  • Password: Ceci0605
  • Password: farmer1998
  • Password: Happy5688
  • Password: Crowboy204
  • Password: Kaleb2003
  • Password: Dorothy69
  • Password: Memo7674
  • Password: sawahf18!
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They all expire by 2023. I will keep updating the list with time. Please do not change the password.

You may be asking what is on the Nord VPN, or what exactly does the VPN offers? Well, it offers a lot as listed above. Additionally,

It’s very different to be tracked using Nord VPN premium. Your data is operates through different servers, which makes it almost impossible to be tracked.

How to use free Nord VPN premium username and passwords

  • Download the application in Google Play Store.
  • Click on ‘Login‘.
  • Enter any of the email address above then, press ‘Continue‘.
  • Enter the password, and click on ‘Login’.
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How to switch to dark mode on Nord VPN

To switch to dark mode,

  • Login with your username, and password.
  • Click on the setting icon at the top left (Go to settings).
  • Also, click on the ‘General‘.
    Select ‘Appearance‘.
  • There you can choose whether default (system), light, or dark.
Best Free Nord VPN premium accounts | 100% working till 2022/more
Nord VPN premium Login page.

What is metered connection on premium Nord VPN?

When turned on, it gives you more control over how much data your device use, through downloads and other applications.

Also, you can set this, even when not logged in. All you have to do is to open the application, click ‘Login’, then below, you will find ‘Switch to light mode‘, or ‘Switch to dark mode‘.

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If you want a paid version of Nord VPN, you can download the application from Play Store. Also, you can decide to use it freely for first 7 days before making payments.

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