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Best method on how to fix Google AdSense policy violations

Best method on how to fix Google AdSense policy violations

I’m glad you’re reading this now because, you’re about to learn how you can fix the rejection message sent to you by Google indicating that you violated their program policy. Here, we will be looking at the best method on how to fix Google AdSense policy violations. Keep reading to discover the solution.

To see the rejection message sent to you by Google, log in to your Google AdSense dashboard. You will see “We found some policy violation on your site” and the issues described below. You’re here to make sure that you meet Google AdSense requirements. Fixing Google AdSense policy violation take time, but it’s never impossible, and I have made it easier for you to see below, the issues, and how to fix them.

List of AdSense violations and how to fix them.

Some AdSense common violations are;

  • Having two Google AdSense account.
  • Invalid traffic.
  • Content policy violation.
  • Thin content.
  • Minimum content requirements.
  • Low value content.
  • Bad user experience.
  • Program policy violation.
  • Site under construction.

Having two Google AdSense account

Google do not allow a user to make use of two Google AdSense account. You’re only permitted to have one in your possession. To fix the issue of having two Google AdSense account, you have to deactivate your Google AdSense previous account. Once you’re done closing the second account, the issue will be settled.

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If the message still continues, it means that you didn’t close the account properly, or you still have another Google AdSense account related with your details. Now, go to your phone, log out all email account in your phone, and leave only the one you want to use for Google AdSense. Wait for few days, then apply again.

Invalid traffic

According to Google AdSense, they don’t have any minimum traffic requirement. But if your traffic source is unknown, or through bots, your AdSense application would be rejected. To fix this issue, do proper SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword research. This will help you get organic traffic (traffic from search engines).

Also, set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics to be able to track, and see which area/keyword brings more traffic to your blog. Once you have done all these, your traffic will automatically increase. I will advise you to apply again when you’re getting not less than 50 visitors per day.

Content policy violation

Here, your content do not comply with Google content policy. To fix content policy violation, make sure all the contents on your site are original. Delete any copied content, and don’t try to copy again. Write what you know about. If you’re into news blog, write on information you can verify.

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Also, delete all copyright images. Don’t ever try to get images from Google search, as most of them are not free to make use of. Get your images from Pixaby, Pexels and other free image collection sites. Once you’re done with all these, the problem will be rectified.

Thin content

Having a think content on your blog is very bad. To correct thin content violation, make sure all your posts are at least 300 words or above. The higher number of words per post, the better. If you run out of the topic you’re writing about, write related posts under it to make it longer. Make sure those contents offer great value to the readers.

Minimum content requirements

To fix the issue of minimum content requirements. Write enough contents on your blog. Of course, you can be able to get Google AdSense after having about 20 posts or fewer. I would advise that you apply again when you have 50 posts on your blog.

Low value content

Having a low value content means that most of the contents in your site are not valuable. In order words, they may not add value to your readers. To fix the issue of low value content, edit most of your posts, and add more valuable contents to it. Yeah. That’s simple. Just do it and the issue will be rectified.

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Bad user experience

Here, it means that your site is not convenient enough for users. To fix bad user experience, your site looks, and navigation must be properly designed. You can choose to get a nice WordPress theme for your blog. Also, make it easy for your site visitors to be able to easily navigate, and find what they are looking for.

Program policy violation

Here, it means you violated Google AdSense program policy. You need to log in to your Google AdSense dashboard to see the particular policy you violated. Don’t be afraid to read the policy violations. Come back here to see if any of them appears in this topic. You can also use Google AdSense community to get solutions.

Site under construction

Your site is new, and still under construction. That’s why they sent you the message. To fix the issue of site under construction, make sure you’re done building your blog before application. Be patient, complete your blog and have enough contents on it before applying again.

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