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Billing Format for Client [Exposed]

Billing Format for Client

Billing format is a popular Nigerian slang, which simply means ‘idea to request for fund’ or ‘method to request for fund’. On this blog, we will expose the billing format for client, all billing format for client, and how to avoid being a victim.

It’s never bad to ask someone for money or other valuables. But when you hear about “billing format”, it’s mostly an illegal way to ask for money, either in cash or through other means. On this page, I will expose All Billing Format For Client.

Note: This content is for educational purposes only and exposes what the billing format is all about. If you don’t know it, how can you avoid it? You can read theĀ hookup format for client.

The billing format is primarily a strategy used by Yahoo boys and working boys to collect money from their client. Once they ask the client using a creative billing format, the client pays immediately.

Billing Format for Client

If you want to prevent scams, then you must know how they work. So, once you notice such a billing format, you can reject it. According to Google trends, from 2004 to 2023, Nigeria, Ghana, the Philippines, India, and the United States were the top 5 countries with the most searches for ‘Billing format’. There are different types of billing format for client.

Billing Format for Client
Google trend search for “Billing Format” 2004 to 2023

Types of Billing Format

1. Billing Format for Dating

This type of billing format for client is one of the most popular methods used by Yahoo boys to collect money from their client. The billing format for dating is applied when the user is dating someone through any dating site or other social media.

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Since the Yahoo boy and the client are dating, it’s easier for the boy to collect money from the client. One of the methods is the guy or lady requesting to visit the client. This will prompt the boy to ask for flight money from the flight. The client is most likely to send the money if they are in love.

After sending the money, the Yahoo boy or girl will disappear. Another method is requesting properties like gift cards or other cards, tickets, a phone, e.t.c.

2. Weekly billing format

The weekly billing format involves Yahoo Boy creating a method to collect money or valuables from the client weekly. This looks like a subscription anyway. Here, the ‘Working boy’ (Yahoo boy) requests that the client invest in a particular business.

With this, the investment would require a weekly payment to the business. Unknown to the client, the online business investment is owned by the Yahoo boy.

After many weeks of investment, the boy would decide to run away with all the funds. He has finally used the weekly billing format to collect some huge funds.

3. Phone billing format for client

These are for average Yahoo boys. They go offline for days, and when they come online, they report to the client that they are using a borrowed phone because theirs got spoiled. The client can end up getting money for a new phone.

Billing Format for Client

This phone billing for client mostly works for ladies. They tell the man (the client) that they would love to make a video chat or call. The man would be mostly interested. That’s when she would tell the man that her camera was not working. Next, the man would send money for the phone to be purchased.

4. Celebrity billing format

Here, the Yahoo boy or girl poses as a celebrity using celebrity pictures, which is impersonation. When the person impersonates a celebrity, the fans become the clients. The person might ask the client to pay for tickets, advertisements, or other celebrity fees.

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It’s better to verify yourself as an individual before you are scammed by a Yahoo boy using a different celebrity format.

5. Sickness billing format

The sickness billing format is said to be widely used by Yahoo boys. This is because the method brings about pity, help for humanity, and support. Many clients have paid because the Yahoo boy would pretend to be sick.

This is done either by sending a sick picture of himself to the client or by getting a sick picture of the person he is impersonating.

6. Hospital billing format

This is a bit related to the previous method. The hospital format works better when donations are applied. It is one of the billing formats for clients where the scammer gets pictures of sick patients from the hospital and sends them to the client for donations.

After donating, the scammer then escapes with the money. Another method, or format, as it is being called, is telling the client that your relative is in the hospital. In fact, it’s all full of lies to get money. So, try to verify before you send any money.

7. Trust billing format

This trust billing format is a situation whereby the client trusts the Yahoo boy a lot. Here, the boy would ask the client for a loan or other support. After that, the boy would run away without paying back.

The trust billing format is a long-term method, which allows them to build trust first before requesting for any anything. Trust billing format for client requires dating or long term chats.

8. Gift card billing format

One of the most popular cards in Nigeria is an Amazon gift card. This gift card allows Amazon users to purchase items that will be shipped to any location.

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Here, the scammer would lie and say that his or her birthday is close. When the client asks for which gift or offer he or she might prefer. The individual would request an Amazon gift card.

9. Food billing format for client

This is a type of relationship between a poor boy or girl and a rich client. Here, the person asks the client for food. During the conversation, the client would surely ask, “How are you?” and when the scammer replies, “I’m not fine”, this would prompt the client to ask what’s wrong.

From there, the Yahoo girl would mention that she is hungry and haven’t eaten due to one reason or another.

10. Gas billing format for client

This is quite similar to the food method. Here, the price is much higher. The gas billing format for client is all about a fraudster billing a client to help him or her fill his or her gas.

Another method is the Yahoo girl stating that her gas got spoiled, and she needs to get a new one. The client would offer to purchase a new gas for her.

11. Online banking billing format

The online banking billing format for client involves an individual creating a banking website. This website is not used to scam clients online. Many Yahoo boys have been making a lot of money from this.

You can be a victim if you don’t review the website or read its privacy policy and terms of use. Most times, there is an indication that you’re liable for your loss.

12. Internet billing format for client

The internet billing format for client involves an individual asking the client to assist him or her in making payment for an internet fee, Netflix subscription, or other internet subscription charges.

Billing Format for Client
EFCC arrested 47 suspected internet fraudsters in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Photo credit: Vanguardngr

People help a lot, not knowing they are being scammed. It doesn’t stop you from helping because, inside those helping hands, there are authentic people. All you need to do is to verify and be sure of what you’re doing.

In conclusion, this page contains all billing format for clients. Of course, after going through this content, you will know how to prevent being scammed.

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