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Billing Format For Dating [Exposed]

Billing Format For Dating

Today’s exposition is on the billing format for dating. On this page, you will discover the top billing format for dating. This will help protect you if you get to know how it works. This content is for educational purposes. If you don’t know it, how can you prevent it?

In a similar previous post, we discussed the hookup format for client. Today, we will be discussing the billing format for dating. This format I’m going to expose on this page is one of the fastest ways that Yahoo boys use to receive funds from their clients.

Billing Format For Dating

Dating is one of the most popular Yahoo methods of scamming clients. The Yahoo boy is always patient and calm while communicating with the client until he or she is ready to bill the client. Most of the guys or ladies who adopt this method or format are always successful.

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Since the two are lovers, these are the billing format for client during dating, and they are as follows:

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Format A

The man dating the client will pretend to be sick. He would go offline for days, or maybe up to a week. When he comes back online, the client will be desperate to ask what happened. He would explain that he has been sick, which is why he couldn’t come online all this time.

Furthermore, he explained that he is not fine yet, as the sickness would require an operation for which he doesn’t have funds. To play it safe, he would tell his client that she shouldn’t worry herself. This would make the client want to help. From there, he had already billed and received payment in full.

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Format B

The lady fixed a close birthday date and informed her client about it. It could be in the next two weeks or a maximum of one month. This would give the client enough time to prepare a presentable gift. It could be in cash or other items. The client could also send a gift card.

When her birthday was almost approaching, she would remind her client about it. So, that’s the billing dating format. On the day of her birthday, she would receive what she requested.

Format C

The lady asked her lover to get her a new phone. She may not see it directly. Her lover, during the early stages, might request a video call. This is when the lady would inform her client that her phone’s camera was not working. If she’s able to convince the man, she would get a new phone or funds to buy a new phone.

Format D

The man is requesting to travel to the country of his client. Since they are dating, the man would convince his client that he would love to come over to see her. During the conversation, the client might decide to sponsor the flight. That is when the man would get funds and disappear.

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Billing Format For Dating

Format E

This billing dating format is all about tickets. The client would pay for a party, cinema, or other tickets that were worth a huge amount. Probably sending the money to the man or lady to make the payment. The money is gone, just like that.

In conclusion, this post is an exposition of the billing format for dating. I hope you have learned how to avoid them. If you have any questions or need the billing format for dating PDF, use the comment section to let us know.

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