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Dell brightness not changing [Fixed]

Dell brightness not changing

Is your laptop brightness control not working? Do you have issues with not being able to increase your laptop brightness? Dell brightness not changing is also, part of this issue. This blog will help you with the solution to fix such problem.

The most common causes of Dell brightness not changing is having an outdated driver. Again, it’s either you bought a used laptop, or you installed a new Windows in your laptop, which doesn’t have the necessary drivers. Whatever it is, the solution is on the page.

Below, I will explain to you, how you can fix dell brightness not changing. All you need to do is to follow the step below to get it fixed.

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How to fix Dell brightness not changing

To fix the issue of del brightness not changing,

  • Press windows button, then ‘E‘ button to open file explorer.
  • Right-click on ‘This PC‘ or ‘My computer‘, and select ‘Properties‘.
  • Next, select ‘Device manager‘.
  • Finally, double-click on ‘Display adapter‘, and update the current adapter.

How to update display adapter.

To update your display adapter,

  • Right-click on the current adapter, and select ‘Update driver‘.
  • Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • After that, your computer will search and update your current driver using internet connection.
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After these above, go back to display settings and check the brightness of your dell, or other computer. It will start working with an immediate alacrity.

The solution above can also, solve any problems related to:

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Meanwhile, if you already have Intel (R) HD Graphics adapter file, you can manually install it by selecting ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ during the update.

I hope you’re able to solve the issue ‘dell brightness not changing‘, and other related computer brightness issue. Kindly use the comment section to let us know if you have any other computer related problem.

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