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Food Billing Format For Client

Many billing formats are being used by the Yahoo boys. The major one they use to get steady income is the food billing format for client. This page will show you how the Yahoo boys use the food billing format for client to scam them. You will also discover how to prevent that.

Previously, we discussed billing format for client, a similar topic on this page. It is all about how the Yahoo boys use the foodstuff billing format for client to get money. Without further ado, let us proceed to the formats.

Food Billing Format For Client

These are the food billing formats for clients that are used by the Yahoo boys. The format was used by them after they had many friends on their social media accounts. Check it out.

Format A

Hi, dear, I am not feeling too good. Client: What happened? Yahoo boy: My salary has not been paid, and I need food to eat. I’m sorry to disturb you at this moment, but it’s very important that I survive.

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Format B

Could you please send me some money for food? I ran out of funds today. Don’t feel disturbed. I will send it back to you as soon as possible. I’m awaiting your reply about this. Thanks

Format C

I lost my card yesterday. I haven’t been able to purchase food for myself. Furthermore, I’m hoping you can assist me with $200 to get some food to eat. I will really appreciate it.

Format D

I’m getting thin because I’m not feeding enough. It’s a bit funny because I wish you would have sent some funds for me. Kindly assist with $150. Thanks for your support.

Foodstuff Billing Format For Client

Food Billing Format For Client

This format mostly works out for Yahoo students and the female gender too. Here, they request for the foodstuff by asking for cash to purchase it. Let’s look at the format the Yahoo boys use for this.

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Strategy A

“My results are poor because I can’t feed well. I can hardly read due to my lack of strength. I need food on this academic journey. Once I’m able to have enough foodstuffs, my results will improve.” Check out this love and trust format for client too.

Strategy B

They sent out a notice saying “Get a promo on a huge food purchase”. The clients would get interested and make a partial payment for the food promotion. They will also be awaiting delivery. The Yahoo boys end up not sending any food to the clients.

Strategy C

Some create an account as a delivery man or woman. After that, they would track customers who purchased food from different stores. Next, they would ask them to pay a certain fee for the delivery to arrive on time or with different packages.

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How to prevent the foodstuff billing format

  • Do not send funds to people you don’t know unless you wish to help.
  • Purchase items online from legitimate stores.
  • Most delivery companies don’t allow payment on delivery. So, you don’t have to pay an extra fee.
  • Make sure they don’t use these 30 trust format message for client on you.

In conclusion, I hope you are able to discover the food billing format for client. Also, this content explains how the foodstuff billing format for client works. You can request the PDF. If there are any questions, use the comment section and let us know.

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