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How to generate AE FUNAI Remita/other payments for Freshers and returning students

Remita payment

Many Freshers are finding it difficult to make payments, while some payments are not found in the remita. Here you will find out how to make such payment and generate the invoice. Some payment can be generated from Remita or school profile while others can be paid to the bank directly.

How to make AE FUNAI Remita and other payments

  • Go to the website
  • Click on ‘Bills and Purchases
  • Click on ‘Pay Billers
  • On the option ‘What do you want to pay’, write the keyword Ndufu, Alike, or 1000137 then, click on ‘FEDERAL UNIVERSITY NDUFU ALIKE IKWO – 1000137’.
  • Click on the option ‘Name of Service/purpose’ to bring out the list of payments then select the one you wish to pay for.
  • Some payments like ‘Departmental dues’ and ‘Faculty dues’ may not be found there. Select ‘OTHER PAYMENTS’ then make sure you write in the description, the name of the payment you wish to pay.
  • Skip ‘GIFMIS CODE’ option
  • Enter Amount to pay, Select currency, Enter your name, Phone number, Email (make sure your email is valid) then submit.
  • Repeat the process with any other payments you wish to make.

How to print remita generated invoice.

After clicking submit, a box will pop up. On the option, select ‘Bank Branch‘ and click ‘Print invoice’.

How to generate remita invoice

The above are the basics on to how to generate remita payments. If you are still finding it difficult to generate remita payment, visit any cyber café around your area or let your friends help you on that.

Additional information

Generate Other charges (school fees), Acceptance fee, Hostel payment from the school portal through your profile. If you have issues after making any payment, come to the school to rectify the issue.

After payments, go to your various faculties/ offices in the school to change all payments to receipt.

See official AE-FUNAI payments

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