review [Scam or legit?] - OKVIX review [Scam or legit?] review is a company that makes payroll tax refunds through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). They claim that if your business was affected during the COVID-19, you will be offered a refund. Let’s take a look at review to know if this company is a scam or legit.

In addition, GetRefunds is for those whom their business is based in the United States only. As you continue reading, you will get to know how long it takes to get a refund, and importantly, if this company actually refunds as claimed. Please don’t conclude yet. We’re not done with this review. Without further wasting of time, let’s proceed to what we’re actually here for. review

According to, they refund those who their business were impacted by COVID-19. The idea is actually good, as a lot of people were really affected by the pandemic. claims that they make a refund to their clients within 4 to 7 months, after the client submits a claim to the internet revenue service (IRS).

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About ‘About Us’ are unknown to the public. Going through what they offer, they are located in the United States as claimed. The website, as of 19th July 2023, will expire on September 28, 2023, 8:27 PM. The website will continue to run if the company renews it anyway.

How does work? works by first knowing if you’re eligible for the payroll tax refund. According to, all you need to do is to check your eligibility, apply online, make a 25% fee, and finally get your refund after 4 to 7 months.

Eligibility – review

To be eligible to apply on, you must meet these criteria:

  1. The business was impacted by COVID-19.
  2. The business had 4 or more full-time W-2 employees.
  3. United States based businesses only.
  4. The business had not yet claimed the payroll tax refund. Application

This review also includes how you can apply for the Payroll Task Refund if you’re eligible. To apply for Payroll Task Refund,

Visit the website

  • First, enter your First name, last name and email address.
  • Next, input your phone number, legal company name and company website.
  • In addition, enter the number of full-time W-2 employees, and part-time W-2 employees during the COVID-19.
  • Finally, tick one of the reasons that affected your business during the pandemic, then click on ‘Save and continue‘.
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Registration page one. review
Getrefunds Registration page 2 review
Getrefunds Registration page 3

How to get a refund on

After the application, it will be reviewed. If approved (Most likely), they will contact you so that you can make a 25% fee in order to proceed the refund. Finally, wait for 4 to 7 months to get your fund. referral program/commission

According to, when you refer a small or midsized business, they pay you $1,000. All you need to do is to submit your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

Pros and Cons


The advantage of this, if it actually works, is that your business will get back to live, and remain strong. If there are challenges to retaining customers, or inability to access equipment, the refund will surely be of help.


The disadvantage here is that after making a 25% fee in order for them to process your refund, you may finally not get any refund. With this, you will make another huge lose. In an interview, a man complained that he hasn’t been paid yet after several months. So, keep that in mind.

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Which date was launched/created was launched after the pandemic. Its purpose was to help those who were affected during the pandemic. You can check review too.

Who is the owner of

The owners of are anonymously working on the website. There’s no clear or visible information concerning the owner of the platform.

Is legit?

I’m sure this is where interests you more. If you’re asking if is legit, then it’s not. is never legit. Due to many complaints from those who applied and have completed the requirements to get a refund, they haven’t been refunded till date.

Is a scam?

The answer is yes. is a scam website. They claim that you have to pay them a 25% fee to process your refund. This is a lie. They won’t refund you anything. Imagine if the amount for your refund is $40,000, you will end up losing $8,000 to

Final verdict

My final verdict on this review is that is a scam website. It took me hours to make my research. The complaints are much and there is no proven evidence of payment to their client.

Donation: You can support/contribute to the growth of OKVIX by donating any amount. Opay: 8104697189. Vincent. Fidelity: 6325082472. Vincent.

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