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Goodlord Login

Goodlord is a company that helps people to manage their properties in one place while staying compliant. The company’s digital platform handles the entire letting process, from offer letter to rent collection, all while helping to boost the customer’s agency’s revenue. Find out more about the Goodlord login and other details.

The company is located in the United Kingdom. They process more than one million tenants a year. Goodlord can save time, money, and energy. If you’re an agent or a tenant, discover how the Goodlord login works.

Goodlord Login

If you can’t locate the Goodlord login or finding it difficult to do so, here is a clear guide to do that.

  • First, visit the Goodlord login webpage at
  • Next, select if you’re an agent or tenant.
  • Finally, enter your username and password to log in.

For agents, you can log in using your username and password or with your Google account. For customers, you can only log in with your email and password.

Depending on your account settings, you may be required to set up two-factor authentication before you can log in.

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Goodlord Referencing

As extracted from the Goodlord website, this is what Goodlord referencing means.

Goodlord Referencing aims to complete your reference within 1–5 business days. The variation is because the process might take longer if information from your application is missing. You can log into your Goodlord account at any stage to check the progress of your reference and see what may be causing a delay.

Your reference might take longer to complete if:

We have not received identification that meets the Government’s right to rent criteria (applicable only if you are a tenant renting in England).

Your income or residential referee has not responded to our reference request.

There were discrepancies between the information you submitted on your online reference form and the reference we have received from your income or residential referee.​

Goodlord will use a number of methods, including webforms, payslips, and bank statements, to finalize your referencing application. Your letting’s agent has paid us to carry out a service that includes using a wide variety of sources to obtain the most accurate and authentic reference possible.

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We will keep your reference open for five working days (including weekends) and chase your referee daily to provide a reference. Depending on the tier of referencing that your agency has chosen, we will prioritise obtaining references from your referee over using documents to complete your referencing for the first 3–7 days.

It is possible to close your reference early using the documentation you have uploaded, but this request will need to come from your agency.

Goodlord Referencing Tiers and Speeding up your Application

Your letting agency can opt into one of four of our referencing tiers. The tiers will have an impact on how quickly the application is completed. You can reach out to your agency about this.

They will need to contact Goodlord if they want to upgrade to a higher tier. You will also need to contact your referee to make sure they have received our reference request. If they have not, then we will reach out to them, through email or call, to chase for a reference.

If there has been a discrepancy between the reference provided by your referee and what you have noted on the form, please make your referee aware, we will need to clarify it. We need to speak to your referee directly to clear up the discrepancy.

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We will email them request automatically. You can explain to them that they need to provide the reference again or clarify the discrepancy in writing or over the phone.

If we request any documents from you, it is best you upload any documents to Goodlord via your online portal. Your documents will upload to your application automatically, which means our referencing team will be able to verify the documentation faster.

Goodlord Reviews

Goodlord is one of the best and most popular companies that manages properties in the United Kingdom. There have been several positive reviews about the company. If you wish to work for them as an agent or become a tenant, it’s okay. For further details, visit

The Goodlord login allows both tenants and agents to access relevant information. Do you have other questions to ask? Do that using the comment section.

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