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Google Adsense BUZOR rules for approval

Google Adsense BUZOR

In the quest to get your website or blog approved by Google to get AdSense, there are important contents you must apply to yourself and your blog. If you keep to Google AdSense BUZOR rules, despite any issue, you will become successful.

This is also, very helpful to newly approved site owners. Once you have great, quality, and original content, including complying with their policy, Google will value your site and surely get it approved.

It took me 3 years to get my site approved by Google. When I started, I never knew anything concerning blogging. With the help of YouTube, Google search, and following top bloggers online, I was able to learn a lot there and finally applied what I learnt on my own blog. Now everything is very easy for me.

By adding one piece of code to your site, Google will automatically start to show ads there once approved, and you will start earning. I drafted the Google AdSense BUZOR rules to help publishers get approved without stress.

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Google AdSense BUZOR rules

These rules are the important to getting your site approved by Google. You got rejected because you’re not patient enough, and you didn’t apply the right step. The BUZOR rules stands for:

  • B – Believe
  • U – Understand
  • Z – Z-format (Diversify)
  • O – Original
  • R – Repeat


Firstly, you need to choose a niche that you have experienced, and can write well about it. It can be fashion, sports, news, entertainment, e.t.c. Once you discover the particular category you can write well, then you can open a blog, and start blogging. You need to believe in what you do, and focus more on the topic with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Millions of site owners/bloggers gave up in blogging due to not believing in themselves. Also, they do not apply the right rules.

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Here, you have to understand, and comply with Google AdSense policy. It took me over hours, weeks, and months, not only to read, but understand and experience all AdSense publisher policy. Sometimes, going against Google AdSense publisher policy may not be your fault, but it’s your duty to protect and keep to the rules.


The Z-format means diversity. A lot of people do run out of content in a particular niche. All you need to do is to diversify. Create more categories on your blog. This will help you to discover more keywords and rank well on Google search engine.

Make sure that these pages are available for users to navigate and access easily. Then, research and write long tail keywords for proper search engine ranking.


To establish your blog to become one of the best, you must write original contents. It doesn’t matter if the topic have already been covered. If you can write on your own, and add more value to a topic, then you can write about it, and post on your blog.

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You have to make your blog to look different from other blogs. The contents have to be unique, and engaging. Originality, and quality of your blog will make it more relevant and trusted by its users.


After applying all relevant strategies on your blog, maintain the process, and keep repeating them. You don’t need to give up. The Google AdSense BUZOR rules should be repeated to help and maintain a successful relationship between you, your blog, and Google AdSense policies.

In conclusion, after applying the Google AdSense BUZOR rules, don’t forget to add important pages like About us, contact us, privacy and policy, Disclaimer, e.t.c.

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