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How students should avoid scammers in AE-FUNAI

A lot of students have reportedly been scammed in the school due to lack of experience. After going through this content, you will be able to know some preventive measures to take on how to avoid/block scammers from scamming you.

Alex Ekweme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) is a quiet school, this is one of the reasons why students should be able to maintain the calmness in the school. These preventive tips are not only meant for students in AE-FUNAI but for other schools.

ATM scammers

Due to the inability of the school bank to function properly, students do withdraw money from local markets around the school. With these, most of the students who make use of Master Card and Visa ATM card to withdraw from local market take the risk of their bank account being hacked by intruders. This is because the digits at the front and back of the ATM are vital and can grant intruders access to your bank account.

During withdrawal of money, the place is always filled with crowd which do not enable privacy. The person withdrawing won’t be able to enter his/her pin privately. If the intruders are able to get your ATM details/pin, you may run the risk of losing all the money in your bank account. Some foreign website may not send One Time Pin (OTP) to your phone number while they use your ATM details to purchase online. Beware!

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Tips to prevent them from hacking into your account:

While waiting to withdrawing money from local market, keep your ATM card in your pocket/bag or fold in your palm before it reaches your turn. Again, make sure you check the amount they entered before entering your pin.

WhatsApp scammers (prevention)

This is one of the trending scamming techniques in the school. Your WhatsApp account can be hacked in seconds if you do not adhere to the instructions below. Scammers are very smart, and you have to be careful to avoid being scammed.

If your sibling or parents are scammed through your WhatsApp account by scammers, you are scammed as well. After interviewing a student in the school on how her Whatsapp account was hacked when she gave a code sent to her to the scammer, she gave us the conversation with the hacker below.

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Scammer: Hello, good afternoon, I’m John calling from Bethel city.

Anonymous: Okay.

Scammer:  We will be having a meeting on Sunday.

Anonymous: Alright, I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend the meeting.

Scammer: Okay. A code will be sent to you. Kindly forward the code to us so that the details of the meeting will be sent to you later.

Anonymous: Okay. Thanks

The above conversation was how her WhatsApp account was hacked immediately she sent the code. Some scammers may probably know you and use what you like or what you participate in to scam you. Beware!

Tips to prevent them from hacking your WhatsApp account

  • Do not send any WhatsApp or social media code to anybody you don’t know.
  • Use two factor authentication
  • Use phone lock on your phone
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This information is for Educational purpose. Hope this article helps. Don’t forget to drop your questions or comments below.

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