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How to calculate Lautech cut off mark

How to calculate Lautech cut off mark

Are you searching for how to calculate LAUTECH cut off mark, LAUTECH JAMB cut off mark, or LAUTECH PUTME? Keep reading to learn that. On this blog, you will discover how to calculate LAUTECH cut off mark.

Before you enroll into a university, you must be able to discover how the school admission process work. These process has to do with a lot of requirements like cut off mark, O’level result, e.t.c.

Once you’re able to understand how the school’s cut off mark works, then you’re ready. In Lautech (Ladoke Akintola University, of Technology Ogbomoso, you must try to score higher to be eligible for admission.

I know you may be worried, or have confidence about the school you want to apply for admission. You don’t actually need to panic if you’re going through the right step. Al you need to do, is to inquire about every single process that would be involved in getting admission in the school. Once you’re able to know that, it will be easier for you.

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to calculate LAUTECH cut off mark. The cut off mark will make you eligible to apply to the school.

How to calculate LAUTECH cut off mark

To calculate LAUTECH cut off mark, there are two things involved.

  • You have to write down your JAMB score, and PUTME score.
  • Then, add your JAMB score and PUTME score to bring out its total.
  • Divide your result by 2 to get your final answer.
  • If your answer is above 170, then you can apply to the school.

Also, you should be aware that you must best the school, and JAMB cut off mark before you can apply the calculation above.

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For example, current LAUTECH cut of mark is 160. So, if you scored 160 in your PUTME screening, and score 180 in JAMB. When you add them, it will give you 340. Now, divide it by 2, and you will get 170. This means you’re eligible to apply to the school.

Note: You can refer to the school website for more information how to calculate LAUTECH cut off mark.

I hope you now understand how it works. All you need to do is to try to score high. The higher, the better. Though in some situations, not everyone who scored higher are being offered admission.

Importance of calculating LAUTECH cut off mark

Well, it saves a lot of time. This is because, you can make a good decision after calculating your score. If you score higher, then you will have to apply to the university. But if you score lower than the cut off mark, then you will have to change to another institution as soon as possible.

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Also, when you are already aware of the cut off mark after learning how to calculate LAUTECH cut off mark, it will help you to prepare strongly.


It is a must that candidates must participate in LAUTECH PUTME screening exercise. You will never be offered admission by the school if you write JAMB, and do not participate in the school PUTME screening exercise if you score higher in JAMB. Unless through JUPEB program


Hope that in this article, you’re able to learn, and understand how to calculate Lautech cut off mark. Kindly drop your question(s) in the comment box below, if any.

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