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How to do course Registration in AE FUNAI


Registration of AE FUNAI courses are compulsory to all students in Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo. Course registration is done in AE FUNAI Portal. It is one of the most important activity a student must do in the school. Here, you will learn how to do course registration in AE FUNAI.

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While registering your courses, you have to make sure that you are to register the right courses. You won’t be able to see your result if you fail to do course registration. 

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How to do course registration in AE FUNAI

  • Visit the school’s portal
  • Enter your username (JAMB registration number or email) and password then click login.
  • The menu bar contains Profile, Acceptance, Other charges, Course Registration, Hostel and Result. Click on Course registration icon
  • Click on ‘Register courses’. Select your session (year), semester and current year of study then submit.
  • Proceed to select the courses you offer by the ticking the box at the left side of the course code then submit.

You can also add/remove any course.

How do I know the courses to register?

Each level/semester has its own courses to be registered. Your department in the school will give out the list of courses you are to register to your course representative.

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Is there any penalty incurred in late course registration?

Yes. You are advised to do your course registration before deadline. See deadline date at school calendar. Failure to register your courses before the deadline would attract a payment of N10,000.

Where can I do my course registration?

AE FUNAI Course registration portal is where students can register their courses. You can use an android phone, or PC (personal computer) to register your courses following the guideline above (How to do course registration in AE FUNAI Portal). You can also visit a cyber café within the school to do that.

Why is my current level not updated?

You may have not updated your profile before it was locked. Do not panic as it will automatically change to your current level. Visit the school’s ICT to rectify any issue if it does not change so you can register your courses.

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How to write for removing a registered course in AE FUNAI

You cannot remove a registered course from the school portal yourself. You can still manually re-register the courses the you want.

To be sure the previous course(s) you register won’t appear in the school portal, follow the steps below.

To remove registered course in AE FUNAI, 

  • Visit the school ICT at permanent site.
  • Meet any of the staff, and explain to him/her what’s the problem is all about.
  • They will manually remove the unwanted course you registered.

Hope this helps. Have any question? Drop them in the comment box.


  1. Please after registering my courses, how can i save it. And do I still need to print it after doing it with my phone?

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