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How to print original Nigerian National Identification | NIN

How to print original Nigerian National Identification | NIN

Have you been searching for how you can get your original plastic Nigerian National Identification card? Do you want to discover how you can easily link your NIN to any of your mobile phone number? Also, are you aware that you can be able to link your NIN to 7 of your numbers? Keep reading to discover all that.

With the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) application, you can print your National Identification Number, link your numbers to your NIN, and get Virtual NIN.

NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) application is a secure mobile ID credential. It is freely available for Smartphones on Google Playstore. So, you can visit Google Playstore to download the application.

Before you make use of the NIMC Mobile application, you must have a National Identification Number issued by the Federal Government. You can link 7 Nigerian registered numbers to your NIN, since the federal government approved that.

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Federal Government are planing to make the use of NIN ID compulsory each time you want to log into any government website or portal. Soon, you will also, be able to synchronize TIN, BVN, Driver’s license and passport numbers in a secure wallet, while all will be linked to your NIN. When such is done, the information will only be known to you and will remain encrypted until required.

How to print original Nigerian National Identification | NIN

  • Open the NIMC Mobile application and enter your NIN.
  • A message will appear, showing ‘We found the number below linked to your NIN‘.
  • Confirm if the number found is still in use.
  • Select ‘I am still using this number’ or ‘I no longer use this number‘ then click next.
  • A one time pin (OTP) will be sent to you. Copy and paste it in the box and wait for few seconds.
  • Enter a six digit PIN to set your pin.
  • Re-enter it to confirm the entry.
  • Finally enter your PIN to access your dashboard.
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How to print your national identification number

On the Homepage, click ‘SECURITY PIN
Copy your Id and OTP (One Time Pin) from there. Then go back to the homepage and click on ‘PRINT NIN SLIP‘ then click on ‘Print premium slip‘.
You will need to pay an amount of N1,000 to print your Premium slip national identification number.

Click on pay with remita and proceed to pay.
After payment you can now be able to print your NIN (National Identification Number).

You can also print standard NIN with an amount of N400.

HOW TO LINK YOUR NUMBER TO NIN (National Identification Number)

Open the NIN application. On the homepage, click on ‘LINK MY NUMBERS‘.
Click ‘Add Mobile number‘, then proceed to enter your number in the box.
A One Time Pin (OTP) six digit, will be sent to you. Copy and paste it in the box to verify your number.

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You can easily manage your public identity with the mobile application.

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