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How to register CBT courses in AE-FUNAI

Registration for AE-FUNAI CBT courses (data capturing) is very simple. Here, I will explain to you the simple ways to do FUNAI data capturing. Computer Base Test registration enables students to enroll their courses that are mostly objectives. You don’t even need to go to a  cybercafé as far as you have an internet connection in a mobile or a personal computer.

If your questions are, for example: How to register my CBT courses? Which course(s) can I register? What are the steps to register AE-FUNAI CBT courses? What are the requirements for FUNAI data capturing? FUNAI data capturing. The good news is that I have answers to your questions.

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Requirements for FUNAI data capturing

  • Registration number
  • Valid passport
  • Valid email
  • Phone number

FUNAI data capturing courses

They include the following:
GST 103, GST 101, GST 105, ENT 201, ENT 301 and GST 201.


Step 1: Purchase Data capturing pin

Visit Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike CBT center, located at Zone A (temporary site). You will need to purchase the CBT sign up card which contains a pin for an amount of N200 only.

Step 2: Requirements for CBT data capturing

Visit the school CBT website ( Click on ‘sign up‘ and fill the form. It requires your full name, registration number, phone number, username, e-mail and the pin you purchased from the CBT centre. After that, click on sign up to complete your registration.

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AE-FUNAI CBT sign up card

Step 3: Register and submit

Sign in with your sign in details (your username or e-mail address and password). Review the information you registered and scroll down to select the CBT courses you offer, then submit. After submission, click on ‘print’ to print the courses you register.

Before you submit, make sure that the information you entered is valid. You may not be allowed to edit it online unless you visit the CBT centre. Don’t forget to take your print-out to the CBT centre on the day of the examination.

Some payment receipt like school fees, General Studies (GST) fees may also be required before you can proceed to write your CBT examination.

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If you have already registered/captured in your previous level, all you need to do is to log in and do the data capturing.


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