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How To Stop Loan App From Accessing My Contacts

How To Stop Loan App From Accessing My Contacts

Are you getting too many calls concerning loans in which you’re not involved? This page contains an exclusive guide and solution on “how to stop loan app from accessing my contacts“. After going through this article, you will learn how to prevent loan apps from accessing your contacts.

Part of the security measures of the loan app is being able to access contacts. This is because they would inform all your contacts that you haven’t paid your loan. I have found the best practice for how you can stop those loan apps from accessing your contacts.

How To Stop Loan App From Accessing My Contacts

If you want to stop the loan app from accessing your contacts, do the following:

1. Turn off contact permission

Immediately after the app’s installation, do not allow permission from the app. The app will remain blocked from your contacts if you don’t allow contact permission. If you already allowed the app to access your contacts, you can remove the permission by going through the steps below:

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Step one:

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Go to settings to your phone settings. The settings are the location where you can customize your mobile phone.

Step two:

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Select “Privacy“. Privacy contains settings where you can customize your phone’s personal data.

Step three:

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Choose “Permission Manager.” Under the permission manager, you will find apps using microphone contacts and storage.

Step four:

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Tap on “Contacts.” There you will find all the applications that are accessing your contacts.

Step five:

How to deny app from accessing your contacts
Deny permission

Finally, choose the loan app and select “Deny” to stop it from accessing your contacts.

Another method to turn off contact permission is to hold the loan app, then select “application details.” After that, choose “Permission,” navigate to “Contacts,” and finally, “Deny” permission.

2. Check the loan application’s Modus Operandi

Here, you have to check the loan app’s method of operation. Some loan apps require that your contacts be uploaded before you can take a loan. For example, if you want to borrow money from Fairmoney, your contacts must be uploaded during the process.

While some loan apps require a contact upload, some don’t. So, whenever you install a loan app, block them from having access to your contacts. If the loan app insists, and you’re not comfortable with it, kindly uninstall it.

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3. Hide your contacts

If you have been asking “how to stop loan app from accessing my contacts,” this is the best method. You can simply hide your contacts. Even if you give the loan app access to your contacts, it won’t be able to see them.

To hide your contacts, move them to a memory card or upload them online, leaving out two or a few contacts. When the loan app tries to access your contacts, it will find only a few irrelevant ones. With these, you will be able to prevent the loan app from accessing your contacts.

4. Use a different device

This is another great method to prevent a loan app from having access to your saved phone numbers. Get another device and transfer your contacts to the new mobile phone. You can simply use the new device to borrow money from the app. This will keep your contacts safe on the other devices and help you stop loan app harassment too.

How To Stop Loan App Harassment

Are you being embarrassed by the loan app management team? You can also learn how to stop loan app harassment, which I am going to show you. There are different ways to solve the problem of loan app harassment. The legit ways to stop loan app harassment are:

1. Borrow what you can pay

Borrow when you have the capacity to pay. If you’re not working or don’t have any major means of paying it back, do not borrow. You can also borrow something small so that you will be able to pay it back. Make a good plan and think deeply before you make the decision to borrow money from a loan application.

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2. Pay it back before the loan is due.

Always remember to pay back the loan before the due date. Most loan apps allow partial payments when you borrow from them. You will have the option to select how many times you wish to pay the amount in your total loan balance.

3. Extend the loan

If you won’t be able to pay back the loan you got, you can extend the loan. Most loan apps allow customers to extend their loan. The loan extension option has an attached fee, which is very little compared to what you’re supposed to pay.

4. Set up a GoFundMe account

If you run out of funds to pay back or opt for a loan extension, you can source for funds through other means. The use of GoFundMe, social media, or relatives is very important in this aspect. This will help you to clear your loan as soon as possible and avoid loan app harassment.

In conclusion, I hope this content was able to guide you through “how to stop loan app from accessing my contacts”. Now, you can stop the loan app from having access to your contacts and harassing you.

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