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How to submit your six (6) files to your Faculty in AE FUNAI.

How to submit your six (6) files to your Faculty in AE FUNAI.

Six (6) files are important documents you must submit to the school management (at your faculty) during your 100 level, or before you graduate. In AE-FUNAI, you can only submit your six files once. A lot of new students don’t know the procedure to do that. Here, I will be writing on how to submit your six (6) files to your Faculty in AE FUNAI.

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It’s advisable you submit your six (6) files during the period of your 100 level. In a situation where you haven’t or didn’t submit your files, don’t panic. You can still submit yours.

Requirements for submission of six (6) files and how to get these documents.

Below are requirements for submission of six files and where you can get the documents.

JAMB admission letter (institutional use only).

Your JAMB admission letter must contain the watermark ‘institutional use only’. You can log in to your profile in JAMB portal, print the document.

Acceptance fee receipt (Remita and acceptance of admission).

To get your acceptance fee receipt, visit the school portal, login and print your acceptance fee receipt.

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Clearance form (Blue form).

To get your blue form, visit your faculty and request for it. Please try not to get it lost when collected.

UTME result slip.

To get your UTME result slip, check your JAMB result in JAMB portal and print it.

Post UTME result slip.

If you got admission through the school’s PUTME, visit funai portal to check and print your result.

O’level result (verified from ICT).

During your clearance, the ICT must have verified and stamped on your O’level result. If you don’t have it, visit the school ICT and request for it.

School fees receipt.

Login to your profile in the school portal to print your school fees receipt.

Birth certificate (NPC/Age declaration)

Your birth certificate is also required.

L.G.A identification letter.

Visit your local government area to get an identification letter.

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Letter of attestation.

You can get your letter of attestation from your sponsor, family member or parents.

Three passports.

I recommend you get 8 passports, so it will be sufficient in case they request for more. The passport should be taken recently and bright enough.

You can visit the school ICT (online printing) or your Faculty to get the rest below.

  • Course registration form.
  • Acceptance form.
  • Students record form.
  • Medical screening form.
  • Letter of undertaking.
  • Matriculation oat from.

How to submit your six (6) files to your department in AE FUNAI.

To submit your six (6) files in AE- FUNAI,

  • Get the required documents listed above.
  • Visit your Faculty and let them know what you came for.
  • Submit to the staff.

In a situation where the staff are busy, kindly wait for a while. They will surely attend to you. Dress nicely and don’t be offensive.

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