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How to write date of birth in words 2023

How to write date of birth in words

There are different formats you can choose from when you want to write date of birth. If you’re searching for ‘How to write date of birth in words‘, this is the best place to discover that. In India, it is preferable to write date of birth in words rather than in a numerical format.

One great skill for someone living in India is knowing how to arrange date of birth in words. Writing the date of birth is important, especially in official documents, such as government forms, passports, birth certificate, e.t.c.

How to write date of birth in words

To write date of birth in India, you need to learn their format. The standard format (Arrangement) is the one that must be used, which is day, month, and year. The day comes first, followed by the month and finally, the year. Once you write your date of birth this way in India, it is acceptable.

If you’re born on 30th March 2023, you are to write it this way in India ‘Thirtieth March two thousand twenty-three’. That’s how to write date of birth in India. This is to avoid confusion or wrong interpretation of date.

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If you were born on 10th May 2023, do not write it this way, ’10/5/2023′. This is because the date format differs, and it might be interpreted in the wrong way. Some might think you actually meant ‘October fifth two thousand two three’. To avoid issues concerning the date, it is advisable that you write them in words.

How to write date of birth in figures and words

1st – first, 2nd – second, 3rd – third, 4th – fourth.
5th – fifth, 6th – sixth, 7th – seventh, 8th – eighth.
9th – ninth, 10th tenth 11th – eleventh, 12th – twelfth.

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13th – thirteenth, 14th – fourteenth, 15th – fifteenth.
16th – sixteenth, 17th – seventeenth, 18th -eighteenth.
19th – nineteenth, 20th twentieth, 21st – Twenty-First.

22nd – Twenty-Second, 23rd – Twenty-Third, 24th Twenty-Fourth.
25th Twenty-Fifth, 26th Twenty-Sixth, 27th Twenty-Seventh.

28th Twenty-Eighth, 29th Twenty-Ninth, 30th Thirtieth, 31st Thirty-First.

In conclusion, you have just learned how to write date of birth in words and also, in passport application. If you have any questions concerning this topic, let me know. Kindly share with your friends.

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