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Internet Billing Format For Client (Revealed)

Internet Billing Format For Client

The internet billing format for client, is also known as “Yahoo format.” It is being used online to make clients pay. Discover how the internet billing format for client works for Yahoo boys. This content is for educational purposes only.

Due to the lack of jobs in many countries, a lot of young people decided to engage with Yahoo in order to make a living. Some engage in using the hookup format for client to make money. With their smart brains and strategic billing format for client in words, they end up making millions of dollars. Let’s proceed to see the internet billing format for Yahoo.

Internet Billing Format For Client

The internet billing format for client can be a way of either begging or trying to lure them to pay with lies. Anyway, you’re about to see how the internet billing format is done. This is how the Yahoo boys use the internet billing format to get funds from their clients.

Steps before the internet billing format for client

  • Step one:

They create a social media account on Facebook, Hinge, Twitter, OkCupid and other dating apps. This is where they get in touch with their clients. The billing format for dating brainwashes the clients to pay more.

  • Step two:
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The second step is to get the profile details of the Yahoo boy. He chooses whether he wants to work as a male or female. He also set his profile location to any top country, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, or other countries where their target resides.

  • Step three:

Step three is the engagement and, finally, the process before the initiation of the internet billing format. The engagement starts with a “Hi” or other greetings from the Yahoo boy or girl. Then, if the client replies, they continue to get to know each other despite the Yahoo boy or girl being fake.

Apart from the weekly billing format that was discussed last time, these are some of the steps the Yahoo boys use. The internet billing format for client in different categories are:


“Hi, I am about to launch my T-shirt company.” You have been a good friend for a long time, and I wish to offer you a share of this business. You can buy any percentage of shares between 5% and 40%. “I look forward to hearing from you.”

“Greetings! I’m having some issues with my bank paying for some goods.” The goods will be delivered in the next two hours. Can you please help me with $500 to clear the delivery fee? “I will send it back once I rectify the issue with my bank.”

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After the client sent money for the shares or delivery fee, the Yahoo boy would disappear.

Medicine Doctor

“Good day. As you already know, I am a medical doctor.” I have been working for the past seven years and decided to offer free health treatment. If you’re having any health challenges, you can let me know. “The operation and services are free, but you will pay for some of the drugs being used for the treatment.”

“Hello, Anita, a patient needs $800 to complete the cost of an operation.” Can you please have this account forwarded to you now? “I really want to help this patient, and I will refund you when I go back home.”

When the client sends the money for health treatment and patient fees, the Yahoo boys delete his dating account.


Internet Billing Format For Client

The phone billing format for client is used by those working as fake military. It goes this way:

“Hi friend, I got a call from my family asking me to send an urgent $1,000.” I was not able to keep money for them before I left. Can you forward any amount to them? It will refunded to you when I’m out of this camp next week. “I will be glad if you respond to my request.”

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“Good afternoon, James.” I’m in need of funds right now. I got promoted to a new rank and I need your financial assistance to celebrate the promotion. If you can send $2,000 or any amount, I would appreciate it. “Send your account details for a refund when I’m paid this month.”


Internet Billing Format For Client

“Hi Jenny,” “what are you up to?” I was about to get a loan online when I remembered that I had someone like you. I’m totally broke right now, and guess what? Not only that, but I got better job. “I need $200 to clear some final processes before I resume.”

“Hello sweetheart my birthday is next week. If I’m being asked a gift to get for me, I would prefer a gift card, cash or jewelries. I’m looking forward to getting something from you on my birthday”.

In conclusion, the internet billing format for client has already been revealed on this page. I hope this content is educative, revealing how internet billing format for yahoo works. Stay safe.

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