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JAMB Novel 2024/2025 (The Life Changer)

Jamb Novel

Many students are asking which book to read for the 2024/2025 JAMB examination. Every year, JAMB recommends one or two novels, and they will come out in the exam. The JAMB novel for 2024/2025 is on this page. Keep reading to discover that.

Are you searching for these questions?

  • Which novel is JAMB using for 2024
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  • What book is JAMB using for 2024

The answers to these questions are on this blog.

Students who want to enroll into an institution should expect 10 to 15 questions from the recommended novel. If you must pass your Jamb examination, you must read the ‘Life Changer’.

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Jamb novel 2024/2025

The JAMB novel for 2024 is ‘The Life Changer‘, written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. The official book for JAMB 2023 is ‘The Life changer’. You are recommending to also, read ‘Independence’ written by Sarah Ladipo Manyinka.

The last Days at Forcados High school‘ was used in 2016. Next, the ‘Independence‘ novel was used in 2017. It is possible that it will surely come out in the JAMB examination. The JAMB novel that was used in 2018, 2019, and 2020 was ‘Sweet Sixteen‘, written by Abdullahi Bolaji.

Since the ‘Life Changer novel‘ was used in 2021, JAMB will surely set exams from it, this year, 2023. Do not forget to read and understand the novel. Also, you must learn the questions and answers on the Life Changer novel if you really want to pass.

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Frequently asked questions

How many questions will come out in the JAMB novel 2024?

There could be up to 15 questions from the Life changer novel. At least, 5 questions would come out in the JAMB examination.

Where should I focus while reading the novel?

There’s no particular place to read and leave other. You have to read the complete novel. Alternatively, you can also, read the summary of The Life Changer on this blog.

How much is the novel?

You can get the novel for N500. You can also, purchase the app on Google Play Store for N300. Lastly, you can download the free version on the Google Play Store too. They are all the same.

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Which book is JAMB using for 2024/2025

The book JAMB is using for 2024/2025 is “The Life Changer“. This book is recommended by JAMB, and not less than 5 questions will be set from the novel.

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