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JAMB profile creation problem | 100% solution to JAMB issues

JAMB profile creation problem

Hello, today we will looking at how to solve JAMB creation issues. Are you searching for ‘Solution to JAMB issues when creating profile? Or ‘JAMB profile creation problem’? A lot candidates have been having issues while creating JAMB profile. On this blog, you will discover how to solve JAMB profile creation problem.

Before I proceed, you should know what JAMB profile code is all about. JAMB profile code is a one-time ten (10) digit number, sent to candidates from JAMB so that they can proceed with the profile creation. The first step before you start start creating a JAMB profile is to get a profile code. Without that, you won’t be able to get JAMB registration form.

Without further ado, let me show you the requirements, and how to create JAMB profile code, before we proceed I proceed to JAMB profile creation problem.

Requirements for JAMB profile code

The requirements for JAMB profile code are:

  • A personal phone number
  • At least N50 to N100 airtime
  • NIN (National Identification Number)
  • Personal mobile phone
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How to get JAMB profile code using text message, and USSD code

To get JAMB profile using text message,
Send an SMS using the format ‘NIN (Your NIN number)’. Then, send to 55019.

Example, if your NIN is ‘89087655789’, using text message, type ‘NIN 89087655789, then send to 55019.

Also, without your NIN number (old method) use this format; ‘Surname, First name, other name’. Send to 55019.
Example: If your name is John Gabriel Gift, using text message, type ‘John Gabriel Gift’, then send to 55019.

Few minutes after sending the message, you will receive a message from JAMB. The message will contain your JAMB profile code (10-digit code).

Using USSD code, with your mobile phone, dial 550191 NIN#. EXAMPLE: If your NIN is ‘6799876578’, dial *550191 *6799876578#, then send. After a few seconds, you will receive your JAMB profile code.

Once you have gotten your JAMB profile code, you can now proceed for UTME/DE registration

Now, if you have done all these, and you’re still finding it difficult to create a JAMB profile, below you will find the solution to the issue.

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JAMB profile creation problem

If you’re having issues while sending NIN to 55019, don’t panic. The solution is in this blog. Below are list of JAMB profile creation problem and their solution.

  • Insufficient airtime
  • New SIM
  • Blocked SIM
  • Wrong NIN
  • Invalid character entry
  • Connection issues
  • Underage

Insufficient airtime

You should at least have up to N50 to N100 airtime. This is because there’s a service fee charged, when sending with USSD code, or as a text message. Once your airtime amount is less than N50, you won’t be able to perform such activity.


When you buy a new SIM, it could take a while before you will be able to make use of the SIM to send either text message, or sending USSD code. So, make sure you use either an old SIM, or you wait for the new SIM to activate successfully before making use of it.

Blocked SIM

When a SIM card is blocked, it won’t have any network. Kindly check if your SIM is active enough to carry out SIM activities. You can also, visit the nearest store of your service provider to rectify the issue.

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Invalid character entry

Don’t use an invalid format to send using either USSD code, or text message. Make sure the spaces are there.

Connection issues

If you’re having trouble sending a message to 55019, connection issues can be a barrier to it. Check if you have network. If you don’t have, then you need to wait until the network is back, or you can alternatively use your second personal SIM.


If you’re not up to 16 years, you won’t be able to get a profile code. This is because you’re underage. Make sure your date of birth is correct while registering your NIN.

Finally, if you’re having JAMB profile creation problem, contact NIN through their email nimc-jamb2022@nimc.gov.ng to rectify any issue related with them. Also, you can contact JAMB at their office, or visit JAMB support for JAMB related issues.

On this topic ‘JAMB profile creation problem’ I hope that I have been able to answer all your questions. If there’s more to ask, kindly drop them in the comment box below.

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