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Joinads ADX | Empowering Digital Success


Joinads is a Brazilian ADX company that brings more income with facilities, optimization and other great benefits to their partners. So, if you’re asking “joinads o que é”, keep reading to find out more about the Join ads.

The company monetizes websites and applications (Video, Apps, and display). If you’re a large publisher or advertiser, Join Ads is one of the best options for you. Partnering with Joinads will help you achieve the best performance in monetizing your digital assets.


Joinads works with educational material on programmatic media and provides services such as ad safety, detailed reports on revenue sources, and push notifications for user engagement.

Their aim here is to provide exceptional results and be a benchmark in the monetization and programmatic media industries.

The company is a certified Google partner and is present in over 20 countries in 4 languages. In Brazil, Join Ads is the number one among the top 3. This shows the effectiveness, efficiency, and positivity of the company. There have been many positive reviews about them too.

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Types of Join ads account

There are two major types of Joinads accounts. They are the MI and the MA accounts.

MI Account

To be eligible for the MI Joinads account, you don’t need to earn $500 monthly. Also, you don’t need to be approved by any advertising company. Once you have 30,000 views or more in a month, you’re eligible.

On MI accounts, publishers will get 75% of the revenue, compared to Google AdSense, which offers a 68% revenue share, while Joinads takes a 25% share of revenue. There are other exclusive offers for Joinads customers.

MA Account

The MA account is for publishers who earn over $500 per month. It’s harder to get this account. But easy if you have the requirements. You must be approved by Google AdSense. With this, your site will be launched directly from your Google Ad Manager account.

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MA account revenue share can be negotiated, and the payment is made directly to Google without any intermediary. There are many other benefits to an MA account, which your account manager will explain to you much better.

JoinAds Payment Method

For the MA account, the payment is made directly to Google without any intermediary. You will receive your payment from Google AdSense through bank transfer, wire transfer, and other relevant methods.

For the MI account, the payment method is primarily PayPal. If you cannot receive money through PayPal, you can request an alternative payment method. This will be discussed with your account manager.

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Remember, there might be changes to all these. But this information will guide you and give you more insight into how the Joinads ADX company works. There are other Google partners, too.

Google Adx is the latest money-making opportunity available to all publishers and advertisers. It pays well if you have enough traffic. Of course, traffic is becoming the king instead of content.

But you should have relevant content. So, instead of doing the jobs, Joinads will do them instead to help you earn more.

Make sure you trust and understand any ADX partner you wish to work with. They will be in charge of your ads and help you boost your income by over 30%. If you find this content helpful, kindly share it with others.

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