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List Of BVN Numbers In Nigeria [Free]

List Of BVN Numbers

BVN simply means “Bank Verification Number.” On this page, you will discover the list of BVN numbers in Nigeria. Every citizen who is a customer of any bank in Nigeria is expected to have a bank verification number. This BVN has many purposes, which you will find out as you continue reading.

The introduction of BVN helps to identify bank customers easily when they open a different bank. Also, it helps to detect fraud and protect the country’s funds from looters. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of BVN numbers in Nigeria.

List of BVN Numbers

Some BVN have been made public by the banks in Nigeria. This was done because some fraud was detected. From those who “presented fake visas to apply for PTA” to others illegal activities. The list of BVN numbers in Nigeria is:

  • 22894739368
  • 22268494007
  • 22749479300
  • 22849473007
  • 22749469037
  • 22273937399
  • 22749300825
  • 22173849378
  • 22628498386
  • 22417735899
  • 22746663886
  • 22443155537
  • 22226483663
  • 22637836552
  • 22537739965
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Note: These numbers are auto-generated. We do not have or intend to release any bank verification numbers for bank customers. If you want the BVN list in PDF, you can contact banks and make your request.

Fake BVN numbers

  1. 22638873900
  2. 22517552337
  3. 22616637838
  4. 22637488388
  5. 22273964900
  6. 22514451625
  7. 22251525367
  8. 22251651544

Frequently asked questions

How many numbers are in BVN?

The BVN numbers are eleven. It is an 11-digit number owned by each bank customer. Most of the BVN numbers start with two. It is a unique code provided to secure and detect fraud.

What is an example of a BVN number?

List Of BVN Numbers
Sample of a card holder for identity.

An example of a BVN number is 22551553754. They are eleven in total. All you need to do is start with a single, triple, or double-two, then add the remaining numbers to make it up to eleven.

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How can I download a fake BVN app?

To download a fake BVN app or an app to automatically generate BVN, visit the Google Play Store. Search for the fake BVN app and install it. You can use the app to create a fake BVN number easily.

In conclusion, I hope you’re able to see the list of BVN numbers in Nigeria. If there are any questions you want to ask, please use the comment section to let us know.

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