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Love and Trust Format for Client [Exposed]

Love and Trust Format for Client

The “love and trust format for clients” is used by Yahoo boys to make money. Some call it the “trusting format.” On this page, you will discover different love and trust format for client, used by Yahoo boys to earn big. This is the best love and trust format used by the Yahoo boys.

This content is for educational purposes and shows how to prevent this format. You will discover how the love and trust format works. It can be in a relationship, for celebrity work, for dating, or to hook up a client. Without wasting your time, let’s proceed to the main topic.

Love and Trust Format for Client

The love and trust format is the use of love to win trust from a client. Since the Yahoo boys no longer have other major means to get money from their clients, they resort to the emotional “billing format for client” to earn more.

In addition, there are multiple ways the Yahoo boys use it to earn big. The love and trust format for clients can make someone sacrifice a lot to pay the amount demanded. But let me show you how the trusting format works.

Trust Format for Client

Here, the Yahoo boy finds any means to make sure he or she wins the trust of the client. Some of these include:

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1. Disclosure of identity

Despite using a fake ID, the man can send a fake identification to the client. It can be either a passport for travel, an SSN, or another relevant ID. Since the Yahoo boy is impersonating someone else, the client would be unable to find out, thereby trusting the man and thinking that he is real.

2. Sending of Gift

Sometimes, the fake online workers who have enough funds might decide to send some gifts to the clients. The client would be surprised to see the gifts. This will make him or her love the Yahoo boy more. Some of these gifts are gift cards, flowers, necklaces, or bangles.

3. Keeping in touch

This is one of the best methods the Yahoo boys use to apply the love and trust format. They frequently chat with or call the client to check up on them. This will make the client feel loved and cherished. Once this continues, the client will surely love and trust the person.

4. Birthday wish

Here, the Yahoo boy never forgets the birthdays of his or her clients. They make sure that they wish every one of them a happy birthday. Also, they might decide to offer some gifts during the birthday. This will make the client feel special, thereby trusting the person who wishes them a happy birthday always.

5. Affection

Since the love and trust format for client involves emotional activities, affection is applied. Here, the Yahoo boy becomes affectionate towards his client. Anytime the client is not feeling well or has family issues, the man will be there for the client. This is one of the best methods ever used to get quick funds from clients.

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Trust Format in a Relationship

Love and Trust Format for Client
Yahoo relationship love format

Before using this trust format, the Yahoo boy had already made sure that they were in a relationship. Now, the trust format they use in a relationship is targeting what the client loves. It could be animals, traveling, games, or others.

If it were an animal, for example, Yahoo Boy would always be discussing with the client how to take care of the animal. Most topics will have to be related to animals. Finally, this will earn the client’s trust.

Trust Format for Celebrity Work

This is part of an Internet billing format for client in the Yahoo business. A man or woman would impersonate a celebrity. This is when the trust format for celebrity work comes in. The scammer would already have a social media page, account, or channel. From there, he would use the trust format for celebrity work.

He does this by taking advantage of a celebrity who sells cheaper tickets for a show. He would announce, on the fake page, the ticket price for the show. This will make the fans love him more.

Another format they use in the trust format for celebrity work is making a free ad for an individual. Maybe there’s an upcoming artist. The scammer would decide to advertise the upcoming artist on his fake page, which has between 40,000 and 100,000 followers or more. So, this is not for the feint-hearted.

Trust Format for Dating and Hookup Client

The billing format for dating is used when it comes to the trust format for dating. Also including a trust format for hookup clients. But there’s a special way the Yahoo boy earns his trust using these formats. This works well for the Yahoo boys, who use their pictures for work instead of impersonation.

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During the business negotiations for a hookup, the Yahoo girl will have to make a real or fake video of herself. When the client sees that the Yahoo person made a video of himself or herself, this will earn trust. It doesn’t matter if the video is fake or original.

Love Format for Client

Love and Trust Format for Client
Yahoo boys love and trust format

The love and trust format for client has another strategy too. The Yahoo boy uses this depending on the field he is working in. Some of the related fields are dating, business, hookups, delivery men, the military, etcetera.

They target specific countries and capture the hearts of their clients. Some of the specific countries are the U.S., the U.K., Europe, and other top countries.

Communication is the key they use to make the client fall in love. With frequent communication, care, and affection, the client will fall in love.

Trust Format for Her

The trust format for her is a specific strategy they use to get funds from her. Some of the trust formats for her used by the Yahoo boys are relationship, gifts, love, care, and communication.

Trust Format for Him

This is a trust format for a male client. It’s quite easy for the Yahoo girl to bill a client. They use this trust format for him (the male client).

  • Free video calls
  • Showing interest
  • Availability
  • Birthday wishing


Many people have been victims of the love and trust format for client. This includes the use of a weekly billing format to take money from clients every week. I hope you have been able to learn how it works in order to prevent them. If you have a question to ask, let us know using the comment section.

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