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MTN WhatsApp and Facebook subscription code 2024/2025

MTN WhatsApp and Facebook subscription code

Are you looking for MTN code for Facebook and WhatsApp subscription, or MTN Facebook subscription code? Do you also want to discover the best method to subscribe for WhatsApp and Facebook with MTN network? Continue reading to know about that.

Subscription for WhatsApp and Facebook with MTN new code will help you save data. This is because only those two social accounts can make use of your data without other applications making use of them.

MTN WhatsApp and Facebook data bundle code code

To subscribe for WhatsApp and Facebook on MTN network,

  • Simply dial *312#.
  • Select ‘2’ which is ‘Social Bundles‘.
  • On the next page, select either WhatsApp (1), or Facebook (2).
  • You will see a list of social bundles. Choose the one you prefer.
  • Finally, select either for ‘One-off purchase’, or auto-renew
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List of MTN WhatsApp and Facebook subscription bundles.

  • Daily N25.
  • Weekly N50.
  • Monthly 150

You can also, dial *123#, select data services, select ‘Social bundles‘, and proceed to select your preferred subscription. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions concerning MTN data code for WhatsApp and Facebook subscription.

Frequently asked questions on MTN WhatsApp and Facebook subscription code

How long does it take for my social data to expire?

It takes a day, a week or, a month. It depends on the bundle you selected, and how you made use of your data. If you purchase weekly bundle on MTN, and you watched a lot of videos that day, it could exhaust your data that same day. So, make use of it wisely.

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How to check my balance for MTN WhatsApp and Facebook subscription.

To check your data balance for WhatsApp and Facebook subscription, simply dial *323#. You will immediately see how much of your data is remaining

Can I see movies with MTN Facebook subscription on the platform?

Yes. As long as you selected Facebook and you successfully subscribed, you can see movies until your data is exhausted.

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