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Nigeria Order Works Login Portal

Nigeria Order Works

Are you searching for Nigeria Order Works (NOW) login portal? Or it’s review? You’re at the right place to get information concerning all that. Here, you will get information about how Nigeria Order Works function, and whether it’s fake or not.

Kindly note that this content is solely for information purpose. I will also, give the review concerning the platform Works. At the end of this article, a recommendation and advice will be given as well.

Without further ado, let me proceed to the topic. Please make sure you go through this article so that you won’t miss any important information concerning this topic.

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Nigeria Order Works (NOW)

Nigeria Order Works (NOW) is a platform that pays when you perform some activities in the site. According to my online research, the platform was launched on 18th March 2021. The registration is free, and you would get a welcome bonus of N500.

With the 20 daily orders you get, you should be able to make a lot of money after completing those orders. You can, then, withdraw when you have a minimum of N2,000. Users earn 5%-10% commission daily, and withdrawal days are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.

NOW daily task

  • After you are done registering, locate ‘Mission list‘.
  • Click on ‘VIP1‘ and select ‘Automatic order‘ then confirm after it has completely loaded. Do that twenty times.
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How to upgrade on the platform

To upgrade on the platform (NOW),

  • Login, and click on ‘Mission list‘.
  • Select any of the VIP1 shops
  • Choose either VIP3 or VIP4
  • Finally, confirm and complete the remaining process.

NOW login portal

The website link for NOW is Norderworks .com. They are not online at the moment. Maybe the site have gone to meet its ancestor like others.

Frequently asked questions

Is Nigeria Order Works legit?

According to multiple sources, Nigeria Order Works is not legit at as of the time of writing this post. The website is down, and it’s not even opening. So, if you’re asking ‘Is Nigeria Order Works scam’? It could be.


You know one thing with all these investments, or money making platforms in Nigeria? Most of them ain’t real. You can only benefit if you register earlier. Only the first few people are being paid. This is done to attract others.

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I would advise everyone to look for a nice skill and learn or a business. A company may set up a site to scam greedy people. They know that you may be too lazy to work. How do you expect to make millions of Naira within a month by doing a simple offer?

So, you all have to be careful and think before you take a step.

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