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Phone Billing Format for Client [Revealed]

Phone Billing Format for Client

The phone billing format for client is a method used by scammers to obtain phone devices from clients. With this format, they obtain items such as funds from their client. This content is for educational purposes.

Many scammers have used this method to obtain phone devices from their clients. With this format, clients do respond to the request of the scammer, thereby sending a new phone or cash to purchase it. Last time, we discussed the weekly billing format. Today, we’re writing about phone billing format.

Phone Billing Format for Client

This phone billing format is mainly used by the upcoming Yahoo boys. Since their phones are not able to carry out Yahoo’s work suitably, they resort to getting a new phone using this method. When they apply this method, especially the hookup format for client, it pays them a lot. The phone billing formats for client are:

1. Spoiled camera

The most efficient use of this method is by being a lady. The ladies use this “phone billing format” to get phones easily from their clients. The male client would always want to see them by having a video call with them after a long or short period of chat.

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The lady uses the opportunity to complain that her phone’s camera is not working. Since the man is desperate to see her on a video call, he makes sure that a new phone is provided for her. At this juncture, he sends a brand-new phone or cash for her to purchase a new device.

2. Birthday gift

Phone Billing Format for Client
Using birthday format

Here, the guy or lady informs the client that his or her birthday is coming up. He goes on to inform the client that he would prefer a phone as a birthday gift. Since they have been chatting for a long time and are good friends or lovers, it’s most likely that the client will respond to the request. There’s also a billing format for dating.

3. Marketer

The man poses as an affiliate marketer and tries to do business with his client. He only made friends with dealers in phone accessories. He tries to convince them to get the goods and resell them at his place or in his country.

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Due to their friendship, the client might decide to send maybe a dozen devices for the first time. When the man receives the phones in order to sell them, he blocks the client and closes his account.

4. Manual repair and exchange

Two people are chatting in the same area. One is a scammer, while the other is the client. The scammer uses a fake account to register online. He meets someone who is having a little trouble repairing his or her phone.

The scammer tries to convince the client that he can repair the phone. Once they deliver the phone to him to repair, there’s no response from him anymore. This can also apply to device exchanges.

5. Truth or dare game

The man engages his or her clients to play a game. He has been chatting with them for over two months to build a friendship. He then proposes the game and explains how it works. After the two parties understand the game, during his own turn, he dares his client to buy a new phone for him.

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Additional information

“I haven’t been online for long because my phone was having some issues.” “Even now, it hasn’t been fixed yet, and I don’t have money to fix it.”

“I can’t make a video call at the moment.” My camera is bad, and I have been managing it all this while. “Maybe when I get a new phone…”

“One thing that will currently make me the happiest person on earth is if I’m able to have a new phone.” “I would go crazy.”

“Can you please buy me a new phone?” I’m currently making use of someone’s own device. “I will be offline within the next few days when I return the device.”

In conclusion, I hope you learned a lot from this topic, “phone billing format for client.” Use the idea to detect when they are about to scam you and prevent all these billing format for client. Protect yourself and stay safe.

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