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Project topic for business administration

Project topic for business administration

Looking for a project topic for business administration? On this blog, you will find 319 different project topics for business administration. If this is your first time, don’t rush to choose a project topic. There are tips you should know, before you select a topic. Students can visit this page and get a project topic for business administration.

This is the final task for the particular degree you have been studying for. Once you get a good project topic for business administration, which is your course, you will surely come out in flying colors. I would prefer listing the project topics first before the guidelines.

Project topic for business administration

Without further ado, I have compiled a list of project topic for business administration. They are 319 in number, so you can go through them. Make sure you read the tips on how to choose a project topic before you select.

The project topics for business administration are:

Project list 1

  1. The Impact of Motivational Factors on Employee Performance in a Business Organization.
  2. The Impact of Reward Systems on Employee Performance in Selected Manufacturing Companies: A Comparative Study.
  3. The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance: A Case Study of Manufacturing Companies.
  4. The Impact of Work-Life Balance on Employee Performance in Selected Commercial Banks
  5. Analyzing the Impact of Promotional Tools on Marketing New Products in the Food and Beverages Industry
  6. Exploring the Influence of Gender on Entrepreneurial Intention among Final Year Students of Polytechnics
  7. Examining the Impact of Performance Appraisal on Employee Productivity in Microfinance Institutions.
  8. Investigating the Impact of Employee Grievances on Organizational Performance: A Comprehensive Study.
  9. Impact of Employee Grievances on Organizational Performance

  10. Public Finance Management Reforms and Financial Performance of Public Enterprises: An Impact Analysis.

  11. Examining the Relationship between Work-Life Balance and Employee Performance in Selected Commercial Banks
  12. Examining the Impact of Non-Monetary Incentives on Employee Commitment in Manufacturing Organizations
  13. Examining the Relationship between Manpower Development and Organizational Performance.
  14. Analyzing the Impact of Public Finance Management Reforms on the Financial Performance of Public Enterprises.
  15. Examining the Relationship between Employee Grievances and Organizational Performance
  16. Exploring the Influence of Leadership Style on Employee Performance in Government Establishments.
  17. Investigating the Impact of Advertising on Consumer Patronage
  18. Analyzing the Effects of Multiple Taxation on Business Survival in Nigeria.
  19. Exploring the Relationship between Service Recovery and Customer Loyalty.
  20. Assessing the Ruga Settlement Initiative as a Solution for Conflict Resolution between Herdsmen and Farmers in Nigeria

Project list 2

  1. Examining the Challenges Faced by the Transport Sector in Providing Quality Service to Society.
  2. Challenges and Prospects of the Budgetary System in the Nigerian Public Service.
  3. Analyzing Challenges in Procurement Processes within Public Organizations in Nigeria.
  4. Exploring the Impact of Capacity Building on Employee Performance in the Civil Service of Nigeria.
  5. The Significance of Budgeting in Achieving Organizational Goals in a Business Organization.
  6. Brand Positioning and Differentiation for Achieving Maximum Competitive Advantage.
  7. The Impact of Branding on Increasing Sales Volume in Organizations.
  8. Investigating the Impact of Green Packaging on Consumers’ Intention and Behavior towards Green Purchases.
  9. Assessing the Effectiveness of In-Service Training on Employee Development and Productivity.
  10. Exploring the Impact of Leadership Style on Employee Motivation.

  11. Examining the Effects of Democratic Leadership Styles on Corporate Performance.

  12. Costs and Returns Analysis of Small-Scale Honey Bee Production.
  13. Exploring the Significance of Career Development as a Determinant of Organizational Growth.
  14. Assessing the Impact of Power Outages on Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria.
  15. Examining the Role of Training in Enhancing Organizational Performance.
  16. Analyzing the Role of Complaints Handling Systems in Enhancing Customer Satisfaction.
  17. Investigating the Impact of Workplace Stress on Employee Performance in De-United Food Industries.
  18. Exploring the Relationship between Work Engagement Strategies and Behavioral Outcomes in Tertiary Institutions
  19. The Impact of Compensation Packages on Employee Performance and Retention in the Nigerian Context.
  20. Examining the Effects of Outsourcing Human Resource Functions on Organizational Performance.
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Project list 3

  1. The problems in Nigeria with Managing small scale entreprenuers
  2. The effects of a business organization’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) on their business environment.
  3. An organization’s behavior’s impact on leadership style.
  4. Rewards and job satisfaction of employees in selected outsourced service providers.
  5. Trade liberalization and the performance of the Nigerian textile industry (1986 – 2015).
  6. Bookkeeping practices assessment of small and medium-scale enterprises.
  7. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a conflict management strategy in selected oil-producing communities
  8. Trade union impact on workers’ commitment and organizational productivity
  9. Strategic planning and organizational effectiveness
  10. The study of informal group influences on employees’ performance behavior.

  11. The impact of financing for small and medium enterprises on poverty reduction in Nigeria

  12. The relationship between corporate governance and financial performance of parastatals in Nigeria
  13. The role of an efficient and effective tax system in the attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  14. The effects of new product development as a strategy for corporate growth
  15. The effectiveness of corporate social responsibility regulations
  16. Motivation as tools for organizational development
  17. The relationship between employee participation in decision-making and work performance in the manufacturing sector
  18. Working capital management and firm performance
  19. Assessment of the contribution of the Industrial Training Fund in manpower development
  20. Assessment of the contribution of employee commitment to organizational productivity

Project list 4

  1. Investigation into the problem of financing small and medium-scale enterprises in Nigeria
  2. Investigation into the needed training for executive secretaries in public establishments
  3. Investigation into the impact of human capital on growth and development in Nigeria
  4. Assessment of the business environment and its impact on organizational growth
  5. Achieving organizational effectiveness through effective industrial relations
  6. Study on the role of accounting ratio analysis on business decisions in Nigeria
  7. Study on the factors militating against human resources development
  8. Assessing the role of total quality management on food and beverages companies in Lagos, Nigeria
  9. The impact of employee motivation on work performance in private organizations
  10. The impact of employee job dissatisfaction on organizational performance

  11. The effect of short-term employment contracts on staff motivation in Nigeria

  12. The effect of motivation on organization performance
  13. Job satisfaction: its determinant and relationship with employee productivity
  14. Job satisfaction among workers in the construction industry in Nigeria
  15. Impact of customer relationship management on non-consumer customer buying behavior
  16. Deposit money bank recapitalization and small business growth in Nigeria
  17. Challenges of policy implementation in Nigeria
  18. The influence of financial management on the growth of small and medium-scale industries
  19. The impact of staff welfare on the productivity of workers
  20. Impact of work environment, supervision, and job satisfaction on employees’ productivity.

Project list 5

  1. Impact of effective manpower on the development of organizations
  2. Delegation of authority as a strategic tool for management efficiency
  3. Impact of multiple pricing strategies on consumer purchasing behavior
  4. Effectiveness of civil society organizations in advocating change in the society
  5. Challenges faced by retirees in accessing pension funds.
  6. Management of workplace conflicts in the business environment using alternative dispute resolution.
  7. The relationship between employee retention strategies and employee turnover.
  8. Impact of employees’ empowerment on organizational performance.
  9. Employees’ perception of motivation mechanisms in Nigeria’s public service.
  10. Liquidity management and financial performance of the Nigeria insurance industry

  11. Customers’ behavior and its effects on the growth of a business

  12. Effect of assets and liabilities on operating performances of listed breweries companies in Nigeria
  13. Personal income tax in the development of Nigeria’s economy
  14. Local content in the oil and gas industry of Nigeria: challenges, prospects, and the way forward
  15. Impact of materials management on the productivity of Seven-Up (7UP) Bottling Company
  16. The necessity of corporate social responsibility for organizational growth
  17. investigating the impact of social media marketing on consumer purchase intentions and brand loyalty
  18. exploring the relationship between corporate governance and financial performance in the banking sector
  19. analyzing the effects of online reviews on consumer decision-making and purchase behavior
  20. the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and team performance
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Project list 6

  1. examining the impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives on employee satisfaction and organizational performance
  2. investigating the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance in the energy sector
  3. analyzing the effects of e-commerce on traditional retail businesses and consumer behavior
  4. the influence of ethical leadership on employee morale, job satisfaction, and organizational citizenship behavior
  5. exploring the relationship between workplace diversity and innovation in technology companies
  6. investigating the effects of green marketing on consumer perceptions and purchasing behavior.
  7. Employee participation in decision making and organizational commitment
  8. Efficient corporate image management as a strategy for enhancing profitability
  9. Effects of poor management in private owned establishment
  10. Effects of personnel policies on organizational effectiveness

  11. Effects of pension schemes on the Nigerian workers

  12. Effective inventory control as a means of improving an organization’s performance
  13. Effective implementation of organizational policies and procedures in Nigeria business
  14. Effective communication as a tool for good management
  15. Effect of government regulation on business
  16. Effect of delayed payment of salaries and wages on employee performance in Nigeria
  17. Effect and evaluation of leadership styles and its efficiency
  18. Economic effect of unemployment in the Nigerian economy
  19. Difference in wages and salaries structure in the Nigeria economic.
  20. Delegation of authority as a management strategy

Project list 7

  1. Customer service and its improvement in the Nigerian commercial banking industry
  2. Crisis management in Nigeria local government
  3. Corporate social responsibility a necessity to Nigeria business organizations
  4. Contribution of transportation industry to the economic development of Nigeria
  5. Community relations and organization productivity
  6. Communication as a tool for effective management in the banking industry
  7. The need for staff training and development
  8. The need for improved generation and management of revenue in local government in Nigeria
  9. The need for efficient inventory management in a manufacturing company
  10. The marketing/distribution of staple food.

  11. The issue of corporate social responsibility a must to Nigerian business organization

  12. The importance of organizational structure in effective management
  13. The importance of ethics and social responsibilities to a business organization
  14. The importance of ethics and social responsibilities of business organization
  15. The implication of privatization on Nigeria economy
  16. The impact of welfare scheme on the motivation of workers
  17. The impact of total quality management (TQM) on productivity
  18. The impact of supervision of effective bank management
  19. The impact of staff development in effective management of government parastatal of NEPA
  20. The impact of smuggling on our local industries

Project list 8

  1. The impact of rural industrialization on development in Nigeria
  2. The impact of personnel satisfaction on organizational growth and development
  3. The impact of monetary incentive on organization performance
  4. The impact of management succession in an organization’s goal attainment
  5. The impact of industrial unrest on management efficiency
  6. The impact of human relations skill on the effectiveness of the office manager
  7. The impact of globalization on management in Nigeria
    228 The impact of fringe benefits on the performance of workers in hotel and catering industry
  8. The impact of foreign capital in entrepreneurship development in Nigeria
  9. The impact of exchange rate fluctuation in international trade in Nigeria

  10. The impact of employees’ participation in decision making and organizational productivity
    232 The impact of co-operative organization (multi-purpose) in the economic development
    233 The impact of Central Bank of Nigeria financial management on the Nigerian economy

  11. The impact of business policy on organizational performance
  12. The effects of unrestrained importation in indigenous industries
  13. Effects of retrenchment on worker morale
  14. Effects of leadership styles on organizational management
  15. Employee participation in decision-making and its impact on productivity
  16. Implications of fuel crisis on the Nigerian economy
  17. Negative consequences of poor management in contemporary society
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Project list 9

  1. Influence of advertising on consumer purchasing behavior
  2. Effectiveness of budgeting as a planning tool in Nigeria’s public sector
    243 Impact of bank fraud on Nigeria’s economic development in the 21st century
  3. Automated forensic auditing as a fraud control measure in Nigeria
  4. Impact of unrestricted importation on indigenous industries
  5. Role of social responsibility in business organizations
  6. Economic effects of privatization and commercialization in Nigeria
  7. Consequences of inadequate management in privately owned establishments
  8. Relationship between leadership style and employee performance in manufacturing firms
    250.. Communication gaps and their effects on organizational goals.

  9. Critical evaluation of planning and forecasting in business organizations

  10. Contribution of oil companies to the development of local government in Port Harcourt
  11. Restoring Nigerian national identity in different administrations
    254 Causes, effects, and solutions to organizational conflicts in Nigerian teaching hospitals
  12. Factors contributing to failures among managers in business organizations
  13. Causes of small-scale business failures in Nigeria and their remedies
  14. Application of total quality management techniques in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector
  15. Challenges and infrastructural issues in Nigerian tertiary institutions’ admissions
  16. Survival strategies adopted by small-scale retail outlets in Nigeria
  17. The role of supervision in enhancing productivity in organizations

Project list 10

  1. Impact of stress and frustration on Nigerian business managers
  2. Strategies for promoting entrepreneurship development in Nigeria
  3. Managing petroleum product scarcity in Nigeria: strategies and approaches
  4. Effective stock management in the hotel industry
  5. Enhancing worker efficiency through staff induction and training programs
  6. Growth and development of indigenous firms in Nigeria
  7. Expansion of business education in selected higher institutions
  8. Employment creation potential of small-scale businesses
    309 Assessment of personnel management practices in small and medium-scale enterprises
  9. Effects of retrenchment on worker morale and productivity

  10. Sources of raw materials for small-scale businesses in Nigeria

  11. Challenges and achievements in human resources management
  12. Policy formulation and implementation for efficient organizational management
  13. Liquidity management strategies in banks
  14. Job interview as a selection method in industries
  15. Empowering employees through participation in decision-making
  16. Consumerism and its impact on small-scale business enterprises’ contributions to economic development
  17. Fostering sustainable entrepreneurship in Nigeria’s economy
  18. Assessing the influence of smuggling activities on total material purchase cost

Tips to select a good project topic

  • Understand the topic word by word.
  • Make sure you have a little passion for the topic.
  • Do a research online to see if there are materials for the topic.
  • Narrow it down to a particular topic.
  • Check what it will cost to do the topic you choose.

After going through this content, I’m sure you will select a good project topic for business administration course. These are new project topics. We don’t have the content of the project topic.

Most of the project works online are duplicates. They have been used by different students. If you purchase them, your supervisor is more likely to reject the work.

It’s better you do your own project work. Select a project topic for business administration, and use the online works to assist yourself or the person doing the project.

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