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Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023

Today’s topic is The Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. Here, you will get to know about the activities between Ua, Sada, Mwanzele, Kala, Buya, Milah etcetera. Continue reading to discover the writing updates of Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023 Part 1 & 2

Part 1

We start with Sada, the activity or the wedding ceremony is in progress; outside, Mwanzele and Kaka are just cleaning, they are not worried. On the Buya side, Dida is the one who comes to Sada to do some decorations. Buya told them that he would not go, let them go, he would only go on the wedding day.

Dida asked Daddy, “Come on,” shouldn’t we go at least have fun there or? Buya told Fatima that she has been trying hard to spy on us and when she knows no one is trying to come, she disturbs. Dida asked him, “What if we call Zara to come and stay with you here?”

Buya told him, “Oh, he’s already coming”. That is, he’s old, he’s not going with the Dida’s, but when he calls, his cool guy is coming wueh! His name is Buya.

Sada went out a bit and came to a lawyer and got bank statements to see that Major has been misusing his father’s property. Sada was very surprised and it will be known, when Major retired from the Army, he did not come out with any benefits and that’s why he has been misusing their money.

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That is what Sada has been told, and the reason for not going out with anything is that he grew up with loans. Sada said, “Lawyer, listen, because Major has misused the property, now he has nothing to get from me, whatever property is left is mine, mako! Mistakes. Sada until he signed to show, Major, the only thing he owns at the moment is clothes.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023 Part 1

JJ, Ua and Sultana came to find a wedding dress for Sultana to wear. When she saw the smart clothes, she liked them a lot. While JJ was there, she got a call from Milah, She asked why you called me, and then you didn’t talk, and then you blocked me. Did you do it until I changed my number so you could take my calls?

JJ called Milah and asked her, “Can you believe that you and I are really brothers?” Milah sat down and told him, “What I was told was that I have a brother, and I was not told it was you. JJ told him to calm down for now. Tell me, were you told to come? Milah told him that they said when Mother died, she died and was buried at night secretly, and you remained. JJ told him that I was also told that, despite the fact that my heart was too heavy to accept it. There was tension between the two of them until they had to hang up the phone.

Part 2

Major was listening to the radio, and while he was listening, the song ended, and they started the interview. Major took the radio to turn it down because he wanted music, and they were starting the interview, but before Major turned the radio down, what did he hear? “In today’s interview, I have a mother named Sada” Major waited to hear what was going on.

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Buya also on the other side, was also called by Zara; she told him to open the radio. Sada is being interviewed on Radio Citizen. Sada continued to speak and said, “Firstly, I have nothing wrong with my uncle Major, but whatever property is left is mine. Second, for anyone who finds Major and Fatima, I will give them five hundred thousand in cash.

JJ finished talking on the phone and came back. He stopped, saying Sultana was fine, but came back. Sultana was so busy that she didn’t talk, and when she asked Ua what was wrong, Ua told her we would talk at home. Sultana went out and left JJ and Ua there without even buying the clothes.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023
Sultana Citizen TV

Oh! When Major heard that there was a wedding between JJ and Sultana, he swore that he must also go, and he was angry. The old Karadio hit the ground badly, and that was one very big mistake. Why? For a reason, Major lives with Grandfather, and the villagers know that Grandfather is not there, so when Major moved to knock the radio against the wall, two young men passing by heard it, baaaasi! You will say who you are and what you are doing to Grandpa, Major; it’s human.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023 Part 2

Old man, open it. Major didn’t open it; his colleague told him maybe it was just a mouse. The guy told him to stop. The shock and the noise became very loud. It must not be a rat; it must be someone inside. Major hears everything and is holding his soul, while behind him, he has tightened the youth so that they don’t open.

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Dida is still planning for them to go out; they also heard Sada’s interview, and they see that there is a light ahead, and already Dida has taken Maria as her assistant for this job.

Let’s see the situation with Fatima: she started the work of bringing the drinkers, and then because of their bad behavior, they caught Fatima. However, when Fatima was exchanging alcohol, she heard on the radio what it was saying: “If anyone finds Major and Fatima, she will be given five hundred thousand shillings.”

Fatima, when the news reached her with the alcoholic mother, noticed that when Fatima was listening to the announcements, she was filled with anxiety, something that was not usually the case until he asked him;

Why are you like this? Is it because of the advertisements, or do you know the person who is advertising? Fatima did not answer him and went to her room. In the days of the thief, I didn’t even feel that it was 13, not 40 anymore until tomorrow’s fate.

In conclusion, that’s all for now, for the Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 18th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates.

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