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Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 19th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 19th July 2023

Read today’s update on Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 19th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. Discover what happened and remain updated on this OKVIX blog Let’s go! starting from the part 1.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 19th July 2023

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We start at Sada; yes, JJ and Sultana arrive, and Sultana is very busy. JJ told her to come on, Sultana; I just came out to talk on the phone, and I didn’t even share. Sultana asked him, “Hmm, you didn’t distribute it, didn’t you?” Sultana is in a jam because JJ spoke on the phone when someone should deal with Sultana. Sada asked Sultana, “What’s wrong?” Sultana told him that this is JJ with a phone, and if he wants to marry, he should marry with a phone.

JJ came and asked Sada “Surely there was only one call, and it was Milah who called me after she heard me. Brother, where is my problem?” Sada called JJ aside and told him that here you will have to swallow the spilled water, and you should study Sultana and know her for who she is. JJ told me that Sultana’s anger is what I don’t understand now. Sada told his women like that:

“We want attention, and that’s how our hearts are. A woman wants to be pampered, given attention, and even given money without asking; that’s what a woman’s life should be like. JJ told him, but why is it so small for him to jam? Sada told him then that women are like that; they quarrel over small things.

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Sultana came to the room to be asked why she was talking like this only on the phone. Sultana told him to imagine Mom going to talk on the phone for twenty minutes. Ua told him, but he had a reason; he was talking to Milah’s sister, and maybe the feelings of blood kept him aside, and he forgot himself.

Part 1: Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode, July 2023

Salama also grew up there, and they are trying to give the Sultana a will with the right relationships. Sultana calmed down and came down; at least that was added by Ua and Salama.

Outside, Sada told JJ not to worry about Sultana; for now, we should know Milah’s nightmare. JJ told him first that I should know for sure if it’s really him; first, I know my mother died, and what about my father? What kind of person is he? Sada told her now to call Milah and invite her to her brother’s wedding, right? JJ told him it was okay.

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Major and him—remember yesterday when the young people saw that maybe what was making noise in there was a rat? They opened Major’s mind now; why? Because, when Major heard the rats, he remembered that there were so many of them inside, and he saw me, Major! I’m hungry, and there’s a mouse in here, haha! I won’t go hungry with meat in here.

Major looked for six rats, turned on the stove, put them in hot water, and then roasted them, and they became meat. I’m telling you that the man tore the meat off the rats so badly that he was happy. He says, “Wow, but the meat of the rats was so sweet, he was happy… wow, it’s so cute! Rats are not meat; rats are poison, and the Major didn’t know that, as soon as he ate the rats, they reached his stomach. kimakumania, mako! Mistakes.

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Dida and Maria finally arrived, though late, but they arrived. The brother was there; he just looked at his pet. In the room, JJ and Sultana don’t get along until they decide to kiss now, but just as they are kissing, Dida, Sada and Ua arrive at the door and spoil the kiss.

Outside, Maria came and told Kaka, I have seen you a lot, and you are watching Dida; please stay away from her; she has not come here for you; she has come to work.” Kaka asked her, “Why are you talking to her, or has she sent you? Maria told him, “Bro, let’s not disrespect each other; be very careful not to offend.

In the room, Sultana asks Dida “Since the afternoon, why are you coming now? Dida told him not to worry; I am here even until night, and I will make sure everything is fine.

At midnight, the Major went out. After seeing that the rats would kill him, he went to the sea and looked for at least three fish to eat. He walked very orderly to make sure no one saw him, but when Major went out to look for fish, he made a big mistake because the young men heard something in the house. They became his radar, and now they are sure they saw someone entering Babu’s house. Major doesn’t know there are people following him.

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Major turned on the stove as usual; let him cook his fish to eat, and don’t forget, everyone has information. If Major is seen, he is given 500k.

Part 2: Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 19th July 2023

When these young people found out that this was Major, they decided to call him, and who called him? Safe. Salama picked up the phone and went out to answer, and the young men told Salama, “Come now, I want to talk to Grandpa. Salama told him, I’m not walking from now on, but the boy told him, “Listen, Salama, there is a problem here with Grandpa.”

While Major was inside, he heard someone walking outside. These young men are starting to look at the door and be very careful. This is a retired Major General on the run, and as soldiers, even if we don’t retire, the blood of war is still in us, so these young people should be very careful.

This is a Major, not just someone like this; he has killed people, he has strangled people, and for him, killing is nothing. The first Major, when he heard someone walking, took a knife, baaaasi!

Conclusively, I hope you enjoyed the Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 19th July 2023. More updates are coming for the next date.

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