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Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 25th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 25th July 2023

Hi guys! I’m sure you really missed Sultana updates. Today we have Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 25th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. I’m following this movie to the end. So keep enjoying the updates. Let’s go!

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 25th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Part 1

We start with Sada; she has come and told people, and we have received news that Fatima is very injured and is in a hospital in critical condition. By the way, he didn’t even die; he had nine souls like a cat. JJ asked if he wanted to go with Dida to see him, but Dida said he’s fine, she’s okay, and there’s no need for him to go there.

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Dida knows JJ should have a wedding, but Kaka said, “If JJ is busy, should I take him? Sada looked at Kaka and told him, “The things you are trying, I see you a lot; should you take him? Brother said, “Isn’t he just trying to help?” Milah is there. I see that they are looking at Kaka. All in all, Mwanzele was the one who was given the responsibility of sending Dida.

Maria and him—he just prays for Fatima to die; he hates her so much. In the room, Salama is still being made up, and she is very shiny. They are preparing for the wedding that will take place there tomorrow.

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Sultana didn’t come out, and when Asiya came, she asked him, “What was out there? Asiya told him that Dida had heard that Fatima was in critical condition, so Mwanzele had gone to see her at the hospital in Mwambili.

Salama is also very happy about Fatima’s injury. Sada also came and said that he deserves that youth. Ua was not left behind, but he congratulates JJ on his presence at this wedding. Firstly, it has made family members come together, including Milah to meet JJ’s brother.

Sultana 25th July full episode

Ua said he didn’t think or expect that the day would come when he would be married to his daughter, but as much as they are happy, Milah just says in her heart that this Salama is not done with him; it’s just the beginning.

Mwanzele and Dida have reached the hosi in the ward where Fatima is. Dida was very reluctant to go in, but she beat herself up. She went in to see her mother, and Mwanzele was left outside, so she failed. What happened to her job?

Let Dida enter the ward and see what her mother has done; I’m telling you the woman of the people has been laid, heh! Until the face stays where it is, cooked badly, Dida couldn’t control herself and went out. When Fatima saw him, she tried to call him, but where?

Mwanzele told Dida, “Take courage; just go back inside, and if you need me, I’m here. Dida went back inside again. At the side of the bed, Fatima is handcuffed, and there is a policeman guarding her. He told Dida to be very careful; this mother is a very dangerous person.

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Part 2

Milah and Sada are getting along, and even Milah asked Sada if she could help people at work.Sada told her not to get busy; there are people out there working, and they will be paid. Just calm down, and if possible, go to the bride’s room and have flowers painted by hand.

Sultana and he were getting impatient; she wanted to know what was out there until she came to the window to look, but Asiya told her that she should not look or be seen until the wedding was over. Soon, there was a knock at the door: God has come.

Sultana was very happy to see Milah and told her that she was very grateful that finally a member of my husband’s family had come to attend our wedding. Milah laughed and told him, I hope you won’t be rude to your brother.”

Dida pretended not to be there and came to see her mother, but Fatima looked away. Dida said to mom, “Look at me; we don’t talk if you look away.” Fatima started to cry. She told him that I was wrong, and I don’t even deserve your forgiveness. Dida told him, After all, you are my mom. Dida asked Mom, “What happened when you got here?”

After all, Dida started to sympathize with her mother; she told her, “It’s all my fault, and I wish I couldn’t leave you when you needed me most.” Fatima also blames herself for taking the wrong path, but all in all, we can see that even if Fatima kidnapped Dida and tortured her, there is still some love from Dida. Learn something from Dida.

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Sultana 25th July written update

Here at home, Kaka and JJ are planning to go to the guest house and then leave there in the morning when they come, and Ua said to Kaka, “Make sure JJ comes early.” Salama asked if Dida had spoken, but Ua told her that she still hadn’t heard from her, and their problem was that Mwanzele should be here to work, but she had gone with Dida to see Fatima.

Fatima asked Dida, “Where is your father?” Is he coming to see me?” Dida told mom, “Daddy is not coming, but he called me and told me to come because I used to work there at the mansion. But now, Fatima told Dida something so shocking that even her sister was shocked.

Fatima told Dida, “First, I know about JJ and Sultana’s wedding mistakes. Dida didn’t expect Fatima to know, and then Fatima added and said, I grew up thinking of doing something bad to Sada during that wedding, but now that bad thing, she won’t do it because she is already in bed, hallelujah! Evil never sleeps.

In conclusion, I hop you enjoyed this Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 25th July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. More updates are coming up. Always keep in touch.

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