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Summary of Save The African Womb by Nicole Chinelo

Summary of Save The African womb by Nicole Chinelo

Save the African is a novel written by Nicole Chinelo. It was published in 2016. The book, which was initiated by TWIM (The Woman In Me) talks about the danger of premarital sex. Premarital sex is an abuse on the womb. Here, I am writing on the summary of Save The African Womb by Nicole Chinelo. Keep reading to discover the characters, theme, full story, and others.

Summary of Save The African womb by Nicole Chinelo

Agnes, the wife of Prince Davis after several years of marriage could not become pregnant, and give birth to a child. She had six miscarriage. Agnes plotted with a doctor (Dr. Matini) to steal a child belonging to Barakemi who has gotten pregnant to Joseph, to the disdain of those she knew as parents (Bishop and Mrs Abraham).

Barakemi was told that she lost her baby at birth but in the real sense, the baby was stolen from her, and was given to Agnes. A nurse who partook in the swap made it open and Agnes was sentenced to the prison. Agnes during her youthful age had aborted many times, and had a daughter whom she abandoned.

She gave some church people the address of the place she dumped the child, and after further investigation, Barakemi was found to be that child. Bishop Abraham only adopted her.

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Biography of Nicole Chinelo, the author of Save the African Womb

Nicole Chinelo is from Imo State, Nigeria. She attended Marist Comprehensive Academy. She studied Microbiology. Some of the books she wrote include;

  • Beyond Love.
  • The Woman in me.
  • The finger Print.
  • The best baby ever had.

Themes of Save the African womb by Nicole Chinelo

The themes of Save the African Womb Novel are;

  • Egoism and hypocrisy.
  • The theme of love of money.
  • The power of childlessness

Egoism and hypocrisy

This can be seen in the character of bishop Abraham, who was telling his daughter, Barakemi, to go and do an abortion because he wants to protect his ego. He doesn’t want people to know that the daughter of bishop became pregnant.

The theme of love of money

This can be seen in the character of Dr. Martin, all because of money took a bribe to sell a child to Agnes.

The power of childlessness

Childlessness is very painful. Agnes became very desperate when she was childless, and ready to do anything. At a point, they have to give her a drug to make her stomach look like that of a pregnant woman.

Characters of Save the African womb by Nicole Chinelo

The characters of Save The African womb are;

  • Agnes
  • Joseph
  • Bishop Abraham
  • Prince Davies
  • Dr. Matini
  • Barakemi
  • Pastor Moses
  • Eliza
  • Justice Roseline
  • Ugomma
  • Oliver


Agnes is the wife of Price Davies. She was barren, and desperate to have a baby. Agnes stole Barakemi’s baby with the help of Dr. Matini. She was later arrested and found to have had several abortions, and a child when she was young. Barakemi happens to be the child.

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Joseph likes women and can be heartless. He impregnated Barakemi by raping her. Later, he became a repentant, and loving.

Bishop Abraham

Bishop Abraham is a clergy man who was ready to abort Barakemi’s pregnancy, so he can prevent shame to his name. He adopted Barakemi because he had no child of his own.

Prince Davies

Prince Davies is the husband to Agnes, who was barren.

Dr. Matini

Dr. Matini is the doctor who helped Agnes to steal a baby in the hospital.


Barakemi is a girl who was raised by Bishop Abraham. She was impregnated by Joseph, son of Joseph Ogborodi. Her baby was given to Agnes. She got it back, and later found out that her true mother is Agnes.

Pastor Moses

The man whom Agnes dumped her baby at the front of his gate.


Eliza was the nurse who revealed the truth, which got Dr. Matini and Agnes arrested, and was taken to court. That is where they were sentenced to six (6) years imprisonment.

Justice Roseline

She was the judge that sentence Agnes and Dr. Matini to six (6) years imprisonment.


Ugomma is the character that Influence Agnes to start living an immoral lifestyle.


Oliver is the boy who influenced Joseph, and made him to start living a bad life. Oliver made Joseph to become a womanizer.

Plot overview of Save The African womb by Nicole Chinelo

The novel, Save the African Womb, expresses the need for young girls to live a decent, and moral lifestyle. Teenagers should avoid sexually immorality. The novel, revolves around Agnes, who was influenced by Ugomma. She is introduced into immorality, and she sleeps with men who are old enough to be her father.

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If you’re a young girl child, you should try to live a decent life. Avoid bad friends because if you allow them to influence you, you may end up living a life of regrets. You have to protect yourself as much as you can.

The novel ends with a twist of fate. Agnes realizes that Barakemi is her biological daughter whom she dumped at the gate of Pastor Moses, and later adopted as Bishop Abraham.

The consequences of immorality

  • You can contract sexual disease.
  • You can get unwanted pregnancy.
  • Those who commit abortion may lose their lives, or their womb.
  • One could also, lose his or her virginity, which is very precious.

Suspense in Save The African womb by Nicole Chinelo

The suspense in ‘Save the African Womb’ novel is used when Barakemi got pregnant. Bishop Abraham, his wife, Agnes, and Dr. Matini plan to give her baby to Agnes. Here, we are left in suspense.

Flashback in Save The African Womb story by Nicole Chinelo

A flashback in the story is used to recall how Joseph defiles Barakemi after he is influenced by Oliver. Flashback also help us see how Agnes dumps her baby at the gate of Pastor Moses.

Climax in Save The African Womb story

The climax in Save The African Womb story is reached when the baby is given to Agnes. Dr. Matini and she were arrested, charged to court, found guilty, and convicted.

Setting in Save The African Womb story

The settings in Save The African Womb is that the novel was published in 2016 by Chinelo Nicole. Most action in the novel took place in Yenegoa, and Bayelsa state.

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  2. Thank you soo much! This really helped, I had a lot of breakdowns for this project, but this your summary helped me so much, I cannot thank you enough. THANK YOOOUUU (jss3 is not easy oo)

  3. Thank you soo much! This really helped, I had a lot of breakdowns for this project, but this your summary helped me so much, I cannot thank you enough. THANK YOOOUUU (jss3 is not easy oo)

  4. Why Save The African Womb is a terrible book that reflects a dwarf mindset and teens should not be told to read this in schools
    why didn’t the author address the fact that Barakemi was raped. A lot of time they talked about Barekemi’s shame but Joseph is a loving and repentant father.BAREKEMI IS A VICTIM OF RAPE so why does the author downplay this. JOSEPH IS A PREDATOR AND PEDOPHILE. This books view on sexualizing and victimizing young girls is sad. Joseph deserves shame. The ‘love ‘ between joseph and Barekemi is only the icing on the cake. It is shocking that in this day age people do not know the weight of predatorship and victimizing of young girls. So Barekemi was a 16 YR OLD CHILD. She was so beautiful that a much older young man deciding to forcefully rape her. Does the author not understand the weight of this. So tell me why does she (1) feel ashamed (2)Try to form a relationship with her rapist. Everything that this book stands for is wrong and promotes very stupid ideas. This book is encouraging victims of rape to feel ashamed and guilty. How would our society move forward if this kind of books keep being recommended for young people

  5. If you really payed attention to the book you would realise that Joseph apologised sincerely and gained FORGIVENESS from Barakemi before they started a friendly relationship 2. Why wouldn’t she feel ashamed when she was raped she was victimised there will always be PTSD

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