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The Lion and the Jewel Characters

The Lion and the Jewel Characters

If you have been searching for the Lion and the Jewel Characters, you will discover that on this blog. The roles of these characters are also indicated. Below, you learn about the Lion and the Jewel Characters.

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The Lion and the Jewel Characters

There are four major characters in the novel. The Lion and the Jewel Characters are:

  • Lakunle
  • Sidi
  • Baroka
  • Sadiku
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Lakunle is a teacher. He believed in modernity, and not traditional culture. One of the reasons why teacher Kunle couldn’t marry Sidi was because he doesn’t want to pay her bride price. He believed that payment of bride price is outdated and old-fashioned.


Sidi is a student whom Uncle Lakunle proposed to marry. She was the one that a stranger took her image and left. The stranger printed her picture on a magazine when he returned to the village. She has pride and was outsmarted by Baroka who later paid for her bride price.


Baroka is a man who joined the villagers to perform during the return of the stranger in the village. He is polygamous. Sadiku is his most senior wife. Baroka cannot impregnate a woman. He asked Sadiku to keep it a secret.

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Sadiku is the most senior wife of Baroka. She was the one Baroka send to convince Sidi to be her wife. Since Sido declined, Baroka planned and asked Sadiku to invite her.

Sadiku also, in the novel, revealed to Sidi that Baroka is impotent, they and the villagers used to mock Baroka. At the end, Baroka was able to break Sidi’s virginity by tricking her.

I hope you understand the roles of each of the Characters in the novel.

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