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Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards UK

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards UK

Check out these affordable gift card companies. You can choose to trade or purchase items with their gift card. Finding the best and most popular gift card in the UK is a great strategy to earn or save funds. On this page, you will discover the top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK.

With these gift cards, you can send personalized messages to your family, relatives, or friends. Gift cards are one of the perfect gifts to give to someone in this century. It is more important to know that you should send any gift card from the top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK. People admire them and would love to receive them as gifts.

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards in the UK

You’re about to discover the top 10 most popular gift cards in UK. The list will guide you through selecting the best gift card for your loved ones. The best and top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK (United Kingdom) are:

1. Amazon Gift Card

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards UK
A sample of Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are the ultimate and most popular gift cards. Not only in the UK but around the world. According to Google Trends, 44 regions searched for ‘Amazon gift card’ between June 5, 2023, and September 2, 2023. That is a period of 90 days.

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This is to show you how popular the Amazon gift card is in the United Kingdom and around the world. You can purchase the gift card by visiting Amazon’s official webpage at If you want to use a different currency, you can see how to change currency in Amazon app and web.

2. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift cards can be used for purchases in Apple TV, iTunes stores, Apple Books, or the App Store. It is one of the top 10 best gift cards in the UK. Using the 16-digit code on the back of the iTunes card, you can redeem easily and without stress.

You can use the iTunes gift card to download your favorite movies, podcasts, songs, and TV shows. To purchase an iTunes gift card, visit the official website at

3. John Lewis Gift Card

With the John Lewis gift card, you can shop for the latest items across tech, home, and fashion. I recommend John Lewis because it is one of the top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK. Do well to enjoy the amazing John Lewis gift card offers. Visit the webpage at

4. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix gift cards are among the top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK. It is a subscription-based streaming service that allows our members to watch movies and TV shows on any internet-connected device.

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You can access unlimited Netflix with a card. Either you use the Netflix gift card to pay for streaming or give it as a gift to someone. Once you subscribe to a plan on Netflix with the gift card, you will enjoy its services.

5. Google Play Gift Card

Using the Google Play gift card makes it easy to stay on top of your spending. On Google Play, you can buy online and in-store. No matter how you like to shop, the gift card has you covered. You can purchase Google Play gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target, etcetera.

6. Morrisons Gift Card

Excluding Daily Stores, the Morrisons gift card can be spent in any Morrisons store. Morrisons gift cards expire 12 months after the last transaction. This gives the user more time to spend the gift card.

With the Morrisons gift card, it is a perfect way to show someone you care without visiting them. Simply order the gift card online and deliver it to the person’s email or home address. For more information about this gift card, visit their official webpage at

7. Marks & Spencer Gift Card

Marks & Spencer gift cards can be used in stores and online. We added it as the 7th-best gift card in the UK. There are over 700 Marks & Spencer stores where you can use the gift card. Cooper23, during his review in August 2023, says, “Yes, I recommend this.” “As expected, but it took quite a while to arrive after ordering.”

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8. Sainsbury’s Gift Card

Sainsbury’s sells gift cards and e-gift cards. The Sainsbury’s Gift Card allows you to get a digital gift card, a physical gift card, or a personalized eGift Card. The personalized eGift Card allows you to add a photo to it. You can visit the Sainsbury’s Gift Card webpage at

Sainsbury’s gift card amount

9. Asda Gift Card

Plan ahead and save big! Get rewarded with the Asda Christmas Savings Card. An Asda gift card is always a smart choice for customers. It allows you to make in-store and online purchases of a variety of products.

10. Tesco Gift Card

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards UK
Tesco gift card

The Tesco Gift Card is one of the top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK. If you love having lunch or shipping, this is the best gift card for you. One of the good things about a Tesco gift card is that you can buy it in advance and get it delivered on time.

The Tesco Gift Card comes with a fun animation and a burst of confetti to make e-gifting more special. Visit their official webpage at

In conclusion, I hope you’re able to discover the top 10 most popular gift cards in the UK. Choosing one of them is the best way to purchase online items. If you have other questions concerning this topic, let us know using the comment section.

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