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Uses of Search Engine Jss3 | Internet Education

Uses of Search Engine Jss3

As a Jss3 student, you should be able to know how the internet works, especially the uses of Search Engine and other internet terms related to it. As you continue reading, you will discover the definition, types, uses of Search Engine, terms, and how to browse with it.


A Search Engine can be defined a software that collects information from other sources. These sources can be a website, blog, social media, or forums. It can also, be defined as a software that collects and stores information online for future use.


There are different types of search engine owned by different individuals, or companies, and they are:

  • 1. Google –
  • 2. Bing –
  • 3. Yahoo –
  • 4. Yandex –
  • 5. Ask –
  • 6. Hotmail –
  • 7. DuckDuckGo –
  • 8. Naver –
  • 9. Mama –
  • 10. Ilor –
  • 11. Savvy Search –
  • 12. Excite –
  • 14. Hotbot –
  • 15. Alta Vista –
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How Search Engine works

Search Engine is designed to collect important information from blogs, websites, forums, social media, e.t.c. With a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this information collected are ranked through Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

For example, if you write a content that contains the keyword ‘Internet browser’, search engines will index it on their page. After indexing the content, search engines will direct anyone who searched for the keyword on its page.

Uses of Search Engine

  • 1. With search engine, you can search for information from the World Wide Web (WWW).
  • 2. It is used to store information for future use.
  • 3. It is used to keep records.
  • 4. Search engine is used to get accurate details/information.
  • 5. It is used to create awareness
  • 6. It is used to collect statistical information about a country, or state.


  • Search query
  • Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Query

This is a user search string. It contains the keywords, which search engine users use to find the information they are looking for. Example: ‘How to pass my exam’.

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Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

This page contains all the search strings, which are the keywords. Once a search engine finds a keyword relevant, it stores the keyword on its page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is simply the ranking process, which helps keywords, or search queries, to rank on a search engine. SEO involves Off-page SEO, and On-page SEO. The off-page SEO contains the backlink, site speed, e.t.c. while the on-page SEO contains the keywords, inbound links, contents, e.t.c.

Steps on how to use a search engine

Most browsers have Google as it’s default search engine. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google, or Bing. Follow the steps below to see how to use a search engine.

  • Open an internet browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, or Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure your data or Wi-Fi is on.
  • Enter what you want to search for i.e. the keyword and press the enter key, or ‘Go‘ button.
  • Under a second, you will see the results of what you searched for.
  • Click on any of the results to show them in full.
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Difference between search engine and a website

A lot of individuals do mistake search engine for website/blog. The differences are:

  1. Search engine collects information from a website or blog, while the website/blog have the complete information.

  2. Search Engine ranks the best information at the top, while blogs contains random information.

  3. A blog/website CNA be set up within a day, while a search engine takes time to build.

  4. It is the function of search engine to direct people to forums, blog, website, e.t.c. But it is not the primary function of these blogs, forums, website, social media to direct users to search engine.

I hope that you are now, able to understand the uses of Search Engine as a Jss3 student, or as someone who wants to gain more knowledge. Make sure you share with your friends.

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