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Weekly Billing Format [Exposed]

Weekly Billing Format

The weekly billing format exposition is here. This is the frequent billing of a client every week. This page contains the “weekly billing format Yahoo“. If you don’t know it, how can you prevent it? This content is for educational purposes. Learn as you read.

This format allows Yahoo boys to never lack funds as the pay is done weekly. Many people don’t know how it’s done, so they can prevent it. This weekly billing format I am going to show you is one of the best formats that pays these boys.

Weekly Billing Format

Has someone been asking you for money every week? Do you wish to know the method they use? These are the weekly billing formats used by Yahoo boys to bill their clients, and they are:

1. The Subscription

Weekly Billing Format
Subscription method

The man or woman would convince the client to take responsibility for his or her welfare. This is done when both of them have been together for a long time. The subscription format under the weekly billing format works well for ladies. It is one of the billing format for client that is less popular.

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This format can be used when the client pays for her Yahoo Girl data bundle. The client would also pay for an electricity bill or other bills that require a weekly payment.

2. Multiple Clients

This weekly billing format for Yahoo boys allows them to request funds from multiple clients. A man would have over 20 different clients and keep in touch with them for over three months. After the elapse of three months, they must have trusted him and got to know him better.

However, he would start asking for funds for different reasons. This would be two requests each week for two different clients.

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3. Ticket Method

Weekly Billing Format
Ticket method

Here, a man would impersonate a celebrity on Facebook or other popular social media sites. A different account manager would be in charge. He would then create a temporary weekly ticket for an upcoming show. The fans, who are not aware that the account is fake, would pay weekly for the party ticket.

There would be tickets for fans, VIPs, and other positions to be purchased weekly. After that, the Yahoo man would close every social media account and run.

4. Dating Fee

Some clients would go a long way toward agreeing to most things instituted by the Yahoo boy or girl. This could be because of love, personal gain, or friendliness. The dating fee is similar to the billing format for dating.

A client can decide or accept to pay a weekly fee to the man or woman. Especially for women, the payment could be for taking video calls or other activities. All payments are going to be made weekly and tagged “dating fee.” This fee can be paid voluntarily by the client anyway.

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5. Visitation Fee

If you read about the hookup format for client, you would understand this more. The client pays each week that the Yahoo boy or girl visits. The payment is made weekly because that is what their agreement is all about. Whatever activities going on during the visitation are theirs. The visitation fee is paid weekly.

In conclusion, I hope you understood everything about the weekly billing format for Yahoo. These are the methods they used to earn money from their clients. If you notice any of these methods, you can retreat and save your money.

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