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What newly admitted students need to know about Matriculation

Matriculation is a program organized by the school management to welcome newly admitted students into a university or college. It shows that you are now officially admitted into the university, and must now be ready, and able to carry out your obligations as a student.
You are expected to see your Faculty staffs, those who will be taking you on lectures and your colleagues too. If you haven’t seen the school Vice Chancellor, you will also get the opportunity to see him and probably take pictures with him.

Purpose of matriculation ceremony.

The purpose of matriculation ceremony is to offer you orientation on the rules and regulations of the university. Also, to ensure that the new students get use to the school behavioral practices.
Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about Matriculation ceremony.

When is the date for Matriculation?

Your institution will inform you when the date for Matriculation is being fixed. Most times, it’s usually after screening examination and admission.

Can I Matriculate without a registration number?

It depends on the university. Some will require your registration number, while some won’t. In Alex Ekwueme Federal University, you can still use your JAMB registration number instead if you haven’t gotten the school registration number. Then later, you can complete your registration.

How much can I pay for Matriculation?

There’s no amount to be paid for Matriculation. You only need to buy or, in most cases, hire the Matriculation gown. For Alex Ekwueme Federal University, the amount for Matriculation gown is N2,000 and the payment is being made through remita.

How do I collect Matriculation gown?

After payment, take your receipt and go to your Faculty to collect your matriculation gown.

What if I failed to attend the Matriculation?

Since it’s one of your big day, you should be present to experience the happiness with others. In a case whereby you’re not around. It’s still not a problem.

Where is the venue for the Matriculation?

The venue for matriculation ceremony is at your various faculties. The school management may also announce the venue through a memo. How to sign matriculation oath. Your matriculation oath form will be given to you at your various faculties. You can now sign it and return it to your Faculty when submitting of six files.

Additional information about Matriculation ceremony.

Some important papers like matriculation oath form may be handed over to you. It is your duty not to allow the celebration to make you get the form lost.
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