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WordPress Featured Image Not Showing [Solved]

WordPress Featured Image Not Showing

The WordPress featured image not showing has been a big problem for bloggers. Today, I have decided to show you how to solve the problem concerning the WordPress featured image not showing. Keep reading to discover.

The featured image is attractive in a post and helps drive more engagement. Apart from the title, the featured image conveys to the user what the post is all about. Finding out about having a blank featured image is bad. Now let’s proceed to find the solution.

WordPress Featured Image Not Showing

It’s challenging when the featured image is not showing on WordPress. This will affect the SEO, social media thumbnail, bounce rate, and attractiveness of the website. Don’t worry about that, and check out these solutions.

There are three ways to solve the problem. They are:

1. Turning on the Featured Image Option

There are some themes that have the option to turn on the featured image. It is necessary to do so. This will enable the featured images to appear in any post you publish on your blog.

To check or turn on featured images on a WordPress blog,

  • Log in to the blog’s WordPress dashboard.
  • Select ‘Appearance’ on the left.
  • Choose the option ‘Customize’.
  • Navigate to the theme settings and turn on the option to allow featured images.
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2. Adjust Image Size

If the size of the image is too wide or too big, the featured image will not show. WordPress has its maximum size when it comes to image uploads. I recommend the height and width of an image be between 350 and 700 pixels.

Also, keep in mind that if the featured image is too small, it won’t appear on the post. So, make sure that the size or width of an image is not less than 300 pixels. After adjusting the sizes of the image, if the issue still persists, check the next solution.

3. Clearing the Cache

I already knew about the first two solutions long ago. But after trying it when I was having such an issue, it didn’t work for me at that moment. I had to contact my hosting provider, and they were able to fix it and inform me about what they did.

If you’re making use of the LiteSpeed plugin or other cache plugins, you’re advised to clear your cache with them. Most of these cache plugins automatically clear the cache when there’s a new update activity on your blog.

If the issue of the WordPress featured image not showing occurs, you have to do it manually. Note that not all hosting companies have the LiteSpeed Web Cache option. If you’re using Namecheap, that’s cool.

Due to its speed and optimum performance, Namecheap migrated from Apache to LiteSpeed. It also has a faster page load time. This will help visitors access content easily and reduce bounce rates.

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When it comes to WordPress featured image not showing, you can use the cPanel to clear the cache. This can be done using the LiteSpeed option on the cPanel. It can help you get the best result and solve the problem of WordPress featured image not showing.

How to Clear WordPress Cache on cPanel Using LiteSpeed Web Cache

You can flush your website cache using LiteSpeed Web Cache on cPanel. To do that,

WordPress Featured Image Not Showing
About to flush cache.
Image credit: Namecheap.
  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Locate the option ‘LiteSpeed Cache Manager.’
  • Click on ‘WordPress Cache.’
  • Finally, select ‘Flush All’ to clear the WordPress Cache.
WordPress Featured Image Not Showing
Cache files successfully flushed.
Image credit: Namecheap

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post

Despite the importance of featured images on a WordPress post, some do hide them. Let’s find out how to hide the featured image in a WordPress post as an administrator. There are two ways to hide the featured image in WordPress post. They are:

1. WordPress Settings

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Appearance”. Select ‘Customize’ to proceed. Finally, go to the theme settings and turn off the feature to hide it. Remember, not all themes have this option.

2. Manual

When you’re about to publish a post, do not add any images to the featured image section. You can add an image inside posts, but it won’t appear in the featured image section.

How to Center an Image in WordPress

You can place an image in the center of a post on WordPress. To do this,

  • Upload the image and add it to the post.
  • Tap on the image to see options.
  • Tap on the middle icon and select center.
  • After that, the image will automatically shift to the middle of the post.
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WordPress Featured Image Size Too Big

If the WordPress featured image size is too big, you can reduce it. To reduce the size, use online tools or editing applications from the Google Play Store. Add Text is a good app to use for editing images. This will help you reduce the size and compress it.

It’s recommended that you download images from Pexel or Pixaby. They have options to set the size of the image you want. With that, you can download small files and upload them to your blog.

How to Make Featured Image Smaller on WordPress

Making featured images smaller on WordPress depends on the theme. Either reduce the size of the image or change your site’s theme. GenPress is a good WordPress theme that will allow you to have a moderate-sized image on your blog.

WordPress Featured Image Not Showing On Facebook

The reason why WordPress featured image is not showing on Facebook is that you’re not making use of the Yoast SEO plugin. To solve the issue, navigate to the plugin section. Search for the Yoast SEO plugin. Install and activate the plugin to start using it on your blog.

After that, complete the Yoast SEO dashboard configuration. Next, share one of your posts on Facebook. Hurray! Your image can now appear on Facebook.

In conclusion, I hope you have gotten the solution to ‘WordPress featured image not showing’. It is important to always use featured images in your posts. If you have other questions, kindly use the comment section to let us know.

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