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Zenora.world Legit or Scam Reviews


Zenora.world is a P2P investment platform that claims to be Nigeria’s biggest networking & investment platform. According to Zenora.world, members will earn ₦96,000 in 30 days with. This page will guide you to understand if Zenora.world is a scam or legit, and how it works.

Many P2P investment platforms have come and gone. But has this one come to stay? With my this creative review on this blog, you would understand if it’s something you can try it not. You will also, discover if the registration is free or not, and the levels for each investment.

Zenora.world Reviews

According to the Zenora World platform, they claimed that the Zenora networking acquisition program, rewards users with up to ₦96,000 for their referral activities. The levels start from level 1 out of the 6 level networking program.

How does Zenora.world work?

You must register with a fee of ₦1,000, for level 1, ₦4,000 for level 2, ₦6,000 for level 3, ₦12,000 for level 4, ₦24,000 for level 5, and N48,000 for level 6. You can earn 200% to 400% of each investment you make. Apart from level 2, each level has its own number of referrals before you can withdraw.

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Zenora.world Investment Plans

The investment plans for Zenora.world are as follows:

  • Level 1: ₦1,000 to get ₦4,000 in 24 hours. You will need 1 active referral for withdrawal.
  • Level 2: ₦4,000 to get ₦8,000 in 2 days. There’s no referral for withdrawal. It is free.
  • Level 3: ₦6,000 to get ₦12,000 in 4 days. You need at least 2 active referrals for withdrawal.
  • Level 4: ₦12,000 to get ₦24,000 in 6 days. In addition, you need at least 2 active referrals for withdrawal.
  • Level 5: ₦24,000 to get ₦48,000 in 8 days. You need at least 2 active referrals for withdrawal.
  • Level 6: ₦48,000 to get ₦96,000 in 9 days. Also, you need at least 2 active referrals for withdrawal.

Zenora.world Withdrawal Requirements

You must refer at least 1 person to withdraw only ₦1,000. If you want to withdraw more, you keep referring people to the platform. You can only make unlimited withdrawal when you refer 4 people.

How to register/sign up on Zenora.world

Zenora.world Legit
Zenora.world registration form

To get register,

  • Get started by visiting the website at Zenora.world
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Select your state of origin
  • Next, enter your email address
  • In addition, enter your password and referral code, which is optional
  • Finally, agree to the terms and conditions, then select ‘Register‘.

How to login/sign in on Zenora.world

  • You can do that by visiting the website at Zenora.world
  • Enter your email address
  • Next, enter your password
  • Finally, select ‘Login‘.

How to earn on Zenora.world

You can earn on Zenora.world by getting started with ₦1,000. Under 30 days, you can earn up to ₦96,000 as claimed by the website. Remember, you need some number of referrals before you can withdraw. Each level has its own withdrawal requirement.

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After the registration with the ₦1,000 you can refer people to the website using your referral link. Once the person activates his or her account by making a registration payment, you will be able to withdraw.

Zenora.world referral program

The Zenora.world referral program states that you must refer at least one user to the website in order to withdraw. There’s an unlimited withdrawal when you refer at least four users.

Zenora.world withdrawal

The system will recommend someone to pay you after you must have made your own payment to the system. Once you’re eligible for withdrawal, you can get paid by anyone that the system recommends to you. The payments can be made within a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 9 days, depending on your level.

Pros and Cons Zenora.world


  • You can earn a lot if you have enough referrals
  • It helps you to understand show P2P and networking works


  • If you don’t have any referral, you won’t be able to withdraw.
  • You can lose your money on the platform because the owners are unknown to the users.
  • The platform can shut down anytime.

Which date was Zenora.world launched/created

Zenora.world was created on July 2023. The platform became very active in the month of August 2023. As at the time of writing this post, the platform has over 17,000+ registered members. The number of registered users is increasing every minute.

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Who is the owner of Zenora.world

The owners are unknown to the users. They didn’t disclose important information about them. You can only contact them through their email address at info@zenora.world.

Is Zenora.world legit?

Is your question ‘Is Zenora.world legit?’ After almost an hour of my investigation, only early members who registered might benefit from the platform. There are many similar platforms such as Mineonweb.com that have come and gone within a space of 2 to 5 months. If you have enough people to refer, you may go for it. I don’t recommend it.

Is Zenora.world a scam?

Zenora.world does not have any important information about them written on their website. The platform is a P2P investment website. 95% of P2P investment websites in Nigeria have all crashed within an average of 3 months. Like I mentioned earlier, only the early uses that registered might benefit from it.

The website, Zenora.world, would ask you to pay ₦1,000 to get ₦4,000 for level 1. Before you withdraw ₦1,000 you must bring someone to the platform. This actually doesn’t make sense.

Zenora.world withdrawal requirements

In a simple explanation, you paid ₦1,000 to get ₦4,000. Then, you must bring someone else to pay that ₦1,000 you paid before you can withdraw. To withdraw the remaining ₦3,000, you must bring 3 new users who have made payment to the system before you can withdraw. Well, if you like it that way, it’s up to you.

Final verdict

My final verdict is that, I won’t recommend this platform to anyone. But if you wish to take the risk, then you must register early (not more than 2 months) and try your luck.

In conclusion, I hope you fully understood how Zenora.world works. If you found this content helpful, kindly share it with your friends.

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