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Less competitive courses in UNILAG

Less competitive courses in UNILAG

Are you searching for less competitive courses in UNILAG? That’s a great idea. This is because, when you finally find less competitive courses in UNILAG, it will be easier for you to be offered admission to the university.

The University of Lagos offers many courses, which include art and science courses. From there, you can choose courses that have few applicants.

It doesn’t mean that these courses aren’t relevant. They are very important as well. Without further ado, let’s look at the less competitive courses offered in University of Lagos.

Less competitive courses in UNILAG

The complete list of less competitive courses in UNILAG are:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fisheries
  3. French
  4. History and strategic studies
  5. Insurance
  6. Creative Arts.
  7. Philosophy
  8. Guidance and Counseling
  9. Education and Chemistry
  10. Education and Yoruba

  11. Education and Mathematics

  12. Education and Igbo
  13. Education and English Language.
  14. Technical Education
  15. Education and Physics
  16. Estate Management
  17. Systems Engineering
  18. Urban and Regional Planning
  19. Quantity Survey
  20. Building

  21. Physiology

  22. Botany
  23. Geophysics
  24. Microbiology
  25. Zoology
  26. Physics
  27. Geography
  28. Political Science
  29. Social work
  30. Finance
  31. Religious studies
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These courses are the less competitive courses in UNILAG. You can easily get admission into the university when you apply for any of the courses above.

Also, you must make them your first choice to increase the chance of gaining admission there. Finally, be part of the PUTME exercise that would be conducted by the school.

To make UNILAG your first choice, apply for change of institution and make a payment of N2,000. If possible make the school your first and second choice.

Most of these courses may not be popular, but they are very important in the society. If one of the courses listed here is your dream course, that’s great.

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The University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers more courses that this one’s, but the ones listed are the lest competitive courses. You can choose from any of them and apply. Good luck. Share with your friends.

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