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How to become a MoMo agent in Nigeria | Beginner’s full guide

How to become a MoMo agent in Nigeria | Beginner's full guide

Mobile money business is now trending in Nigeria, as many users benefits from it a lot. You can easily become a MoMo agent either by quick registration with your device, or by visiting any MTN shop. If you have been wondering how to become a MoMo agent, then the answer is on this page.

Before I proceed, let’s look at the requirements to become a MoMo agent. With these requirements, you should now be able to discover if you’re eligible, or not.

Requirements to become a MoMo agent

  • You must have a means of identification (Voter’s card, National identification, international passport).
  • Not only that, you must have fund available to start up the business (any amount is okay).
  • Further more, you must be able to provide a passport.

Note: If you already have an MTN registered sim, you can still start up the business without the requirements above. How is that possible? Is it possible because, during your SIM registration, you submitted your details which includes; passport, and valid means of identification. Again, you can become a Momo agent with any amount you can afford.

In terms of device to use, you can use any device you have your SIM in, to operate the business.

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How to become a MoMo agent in Nigeria

There are three ways you can register to become a MoMo agent. They are by

  • Visiting an MTN store (Recommended if you have no MTN registered SIM).
  • Through the application.
  • Through USSD code (Recommend if you have a registered MTN SIM).

Registration by visiting an MTN store.

Visit any nearest MTN store, and inform them of what you came for. They will give you a form to fill. Fill the form with your valid details. You will be contacted within a few days. After the registration, you’re done, and can now start operating as a MoMo agent.

Registration through the application

  • Download the application on Google Play Store (search for the keyword ‘MoMo agent’ on playstore to locate the app).
  • After downloading, open the application, then select ‘Agent’.
  • Enter your MTN registered number, and proceed. You will get a one time verification code. Use it to complete the process.
How to become a MoMo agent in Nigeria | Beginner's full guide
MoMo agent application in Play Store

Registration by USSD code (Recommended)

To register with USSD code,

  • Using your MTN registered mobile number, dial the Momo USSD code *502#.
  • You will be promoted to approve that your details with the registered SIM will be used to create your MoMo agent account.
  • Accept to continue the registration.
    A code will be sent to you, to verify your number (Check your sms folder).
  • Once you enter the code, you’re done with the registration, and can now continue to fund your account.
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How to become a MoMo agent in Nigeria | Beginner's full guide
Congratulatory message after MoMo registration

How to fund MoMo agent wallet

To recharge your MoMo agent wallet, use any mobile banking app to send fund your account. Your MoMo agent account number is the mobile number you used in registering as a MoMo agent. Remember to remove the +234 and ‘0’ in your number. For example, if your number is 07037456778, your Momo agent account number will be 7037456778.

In the mobile banking app (any bank),

  • Click on ‘Transfer‘.
  • Select ‘transfer to other bank‘.
  • Select the account you wish to transfer the amount from.
  • Enter the account name ‘ACCESS YELLOW AND BETA’.
  • Then, enter the destination account (your Momo agent account number).
  • Select continue, and enter your bank pin to fund finally recharge your momo account.
How to become a MoMo agent in Nigeria | Beginner's full guide
Funding your MoMo agent account

Benefits of MoMo agent.

You might be asking your self, what do I benefit at a MoMo agent? Well, it’s very simple as I will be listing them below.

  • 1. You earn a commission anytime you perform a sale transaction with your MoMo agent account.
  • 2. You can pay your personal bill, and buy airtime for yourself.
  • 3. Each bill you pay, or buy airtime/data, you get a commission for it.

How to liquidate MoMo agent commission

To liquidate commission in MoMo account means that, you will be transferring your earned amount (commission) to float amount (main balance).

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To liquidate commission,

  • Open MoMo application, and log in.
  • Click on ‘Liquidate commission’.
  • Enter the amount you wish to liquidate, and click proceed.
  • Finally, enter your four (4) digit MoMo pin to liquidate your commission.

MoMo agent log in

To log in to your MoMo agent account,

  • Tap on the MTN MoMo app.
  • Select ‘Agent‘.
  • Enter your 4digit MoMo pin, then click proceed.

MoMo agent transaction code

MoMo agent transaction codes are;

  • *502# To view the Menu.
  • *502* 1# To sell airtime, topit, and data.
  • *502* 2# To send, and receive cash.
  • *502* 3# For bank transfer (deposit/withdrawal).
  • *502* 4# To pay bill (Electricity, DSTv, GOTv, Startimes, Fenix, Watu credit, Merchant ID).
  • *502* 5# To check balance, and commission.
  • *502* 6# Float.
  • *507* 7# To special commission.

How to calculate your commission on MTN MoMo app

To calculate your commission on MTN MoMo application,

  • Login to the application.
  • Click on ‘Calculate commission‘.
    Select, and enter the amount of items you sold.
  • Finally, click on ‘Calculate‘ to see your total commission.

How to change your PIN in MTN MoMo application.

To change your PIN,

  • Log in to your MTN MoMo account through the app.
  • Click the tab at the top right of your screen.
  • Click on ‘Settings‘.
  • There, you can now change, or reset your pin.



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