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How to prevent/solve issues in JAMB Portal.

How to prevent/solve issues in JAMB Portal

Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB), through their portal, offers admission to students into tertiary-level institution in Nigeria. It’s important to avoid mistakes during JAMB registration. Here you will learn how to prevent/solve issues in JAMB Portal.

There are many issues students encounter in JAMB portal. This content will also, guide you on how to prevent them. An issue like not getting admission letter from JAMB can hinder you from getting admission in your preferred institution. This is because more schools do request for JAMB admission letter before you can proceed with your clearance.

Four important tips on how to prevent/solve issues in JAMB Portal.

Visit experienced cybercafé for registration.

Don’t visit a new cybercafé for JAMB registration, if you think they may not be able to carry out the registration properly. Locate an existing or JAMB accredited center to do your registration.

Write down your details.

I recommend you write down your details before going for your JAMB registration. This will help you not to forget or give a wrong detail to the worker. Additionally, you can still put down your password somewhere (or preferably have it offhand).

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Go early for the registration.

Most cybercafé in Nigeria don’t do shifting of work. One or same set remains at work till closure. With these they may be weak and are likely to make mistakes while registering your JAMB courses or other. If you go late for registration, the place might be crowded which is not advisable.

Use email address you can remember.

I recommend you make use of Gmail address. Once you discover a short word or sentence you can remember, go to to create an email account if you don’t have an existing one.

Common frequently asked questions (FAQ) about JAMB Portal.

How do I know if my JAMB details are correct?

To check your profile, and know if your JAMB details are correct,

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How do I check my mock results?

To check your UTME mock result,

How to prevent/solve issues in JAMB Portal

How do I change my JAMB password?

You have your login details, but you prefer changing your password to a new one.

How do I correct my data in JAMB portal?

To correct your data in JAMB portal,

  • Login to JAMB portal (as stated above), and click on the four-line tab at the top right of your screen.
  • Click on ‘Application for correction of Data
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Application for correction of Data contains:

  • Course/institution.
  • Names.
  • Date of birth.
  • Gender, and
  • State/Local Government Area (L.G.A) of origin.

Select the date you wish to correct and proceed with the changing of Data.

During checking of JAMB UTME result, make sure you are present when checking it. You can also, check it yourself.

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