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How to register for Student ID card in AE-FUNAI

Don’t know how to register for AE-FUNAI student ID card? Don’t panic, the solution is here. Every student in Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo is expected to have a student identity card.

The identity card will serve as a means of identifying yourself as an authentic student of the school. If you have not applied for or do not have a student identity card in the school, you should know that you are not yet a legit student of the school.

Here, I will guide you through this content on how to successfully register for AE-FUNAI student ID card in the school. Application for AE-FUNAI student identity card is available at the University CBT website ( and it is also free to register. To complete the registration, it may take about 2 to 4 minutes. There are certain things that are required in order to apply for AE-FUNAI student ID.

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Requirements for AE-FUNAI student ID card registration

  • Name, registration number, phone number, valid email, password, faculty, program, account name, Bank verification number (BVN), date of birth, Mother’s Maiden Name, Address, State of Origin, Country, ID (your registration number), ID issue date, ID expiry date, passport and signature (Signature should be on white background).

If you know or have all the above-mentioned requirements, then you can proceed for the registration.

Steps on how to register for AE-FUNAI identity card

Step 1:

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘ID-CARD’.
  • Fill the form and click ‘Sign up for ID card’.

Step 2:

  • On the next page, you will have to fill it especially the ones with asterisk (*). You will also need to upload your passport and signature.
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Step 3:

  • The third form will reveal the data you entered on the second form. You will have to review the data to making sure that there are no errors. Then click submit.
  • After submitting, a write-up ‘Welcome, your ID card is in process’ will appear. At this time, you have successfully completed the student identity card registration.

At the end of the registration, your username will be your school registration number removing the slash (/). E.g. From 2013/SC/12345 to 2013SC12345.

To collect your identity card, visit administrative block and request for it.

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    1. 200 level (2018/2019) students and above are supposed to have registered for it. The registration is currently for 100 level (2019/2020) students. If you have not, then visit the school ICT to inquire about it.

  1. Am trying to submit but after saving the data it still brings back the page without submit button

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