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How to change FUNAI school/remita payments to school receipt

How to change FUNAI school/remita payments to school receipt

Finding it hard changing your FUNAI Payments to receipt? Here you will get to know how to change FUNAI school/remita payments to school receipt. Also, you will learn places to change your payments to school receipt, and how important it is to change your payments to receipt.

A lot of funai students have encountered one problem or another during changing of teller to receipt. Keep reading to discover the solution to those problems.

List of AE FUNAI fees to change from teller to receipt

  • Other charges (School fee).
  • Faculty dues.
  • Departmental dues.
  • T-shirt.
  • Developmental levy.
  • Chair levy (For 300/400 students only).
  • GST fees.
  • Identity card.
  • Student Union Government (SUG) fee.

How to change FUNAI school/remita payments to school receipt.

How to change Other charges (school fee), faculty dues, and departmental dues to school receipt.

To change Other charges (school fee), Faculty dues, and departmental dues to school receipt,

  • Visit your faculty/department.
  • Write your name, registration number, Department, and faculty on the back of the document.
  • Then, submit the original and photocopies of the documents.
  • The staff will write a receipt, and stamp it, then give you back the original documents.
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Note: Some department may have a different or similar way of changing theirs. Kindly make inquires when you visit the venue, to know if there’s need to.

How to change T-shirt fee, developmental levy, and chair levy payment to school receipt.

To change T-shirt, developmental levy, and chair levy,

  • Go to permanent site, and visit faculty of sciences.
  • Through the window (inside the building) you can submit the teller you want to change.
  • Your name will be checked in the record book (from bank) to verify your payment.
  • A receipt will be written, and given to you.

Note: For developmental and chair level, after payment at bank, you will have to wait for at least two weeks before you can proceed to change them to receipt. This is because the entry book that contains the list of those that have paid may have not arrived at the moment.

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How to change GST payment to receipt.

If you want to change FUNAI GST teller to school receipt,

  • Visit Administrative block at permanent site.
  • Make site you write your name, registration number, department, and faculty at the back of the teller.
  • Submit the GST teller, and a photocopy of the teller.
  • Wait and take the receipt. Then, you can go.

How do I change Identity card (ID) to school receipt.

You don’t need to change the identity card teller given to you by the bank. You will use that same teller to collect your ID when it’s out.

How to change SUG payment teller to school receipt.

To change FUNAI SUG payment to the school receipt,

  • Visit the Student Union Government (SUG) office at temporary site (close to back gate).
  • Make sure your details (name, level, and registration number) are writing correctly at eh back of your teller.
  • Submit to the SUG director of finance.
  • Wait and take the receipt.

Note: If the SUG director of finance is not present at the moment, you can submit to someone else in the office.

Tips to change your Remita/other payments faster in FUNAI

  • If possible, go to the venue by 7am. There are lots of students who wish to change their teller to receipt. If you don’t go in time, the place will be crowded, and you may end up not changing your teller for the rest of the day.
  • Do not abuse or insult any staff in the office. Sometimes the changing of teller to receipt may be slow. Other uncomfortable difficulties that may result in you not changing your teller may occur. Kindly go home and come back early the next day.
  • Make sure you stand or sit around if you come too early for the change of teller to receipt. This is to avoid quarrels or fights from fellow students. They may think you were just coming because they didn’t see you when they came. Always make sure you let someone know if you want to leave for a while.
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How to collect FUNAI T-shirt after payment

To collect FUNAI T-shirt after payment,

  • Take your teller to Faculty of sciences.
  • Submit to the staff in the office.
  • Then, you can sign, and take your T-shirt.

It is important you change the necessary payments to school receipt. Without changing them, you’re almost the same as someone who haven’t paid. This because, the school only recognize your payment when you have changed them to their receipt.

Note: For all remita payments, you must visit the school’s busary at administration block to verify, and stamp on your teller before going to change them to school receipt.

If you have other questions concerning how to change FUNAI school/remita payments to school receipt, kindly drop them in the comment box below.


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