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How to create a free blog with WordPress

How to create a free blog with WordPress

With WordPress software, you can own your personal or business blog for free. Also, you can create an application with it. You only need few requirements, boom! Your blog will be ready. This is helpful for those who cannot afford to buy top domains,, or own a free blog at the moment. Here, you will learn how to create a free blog with WordPress.

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WordPress tutorial for beginners, how to create a free WordPress site, how do I own a free blog, keep reading to discover that with the WordPress tutorial below.

WordPress has always been the best for me, and preferred by most bloggers. It has lots of features, including great themes which makes it unique. You can easily start a blog with WordPress without spending a dime.

Requirements to create/own a blog.

  • Android devices or computer.
  • Internet connection.
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How to create a free blog with WordPress.

To create a free blog/site with WordPress for free,

  • Visit
  • After loading, select ‘Start your website‘.
  • Enter your Username, email address, and password.
  • Then, click ‘Create your account‘.

You can decide to continue with your Google account, or login if you already have an existing account with WordPress.


After that, enter your site’s name in the search box. WordPress will check if the name you entered is already in use. You will see a list of suggestions. To get a free website, select the blog name that has free under it. Then, proceed.

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How to create a free blog with WordPress

Next, click on ‘Start with a free Site‘. WordPress will immediately build your site, and apply necessary design under few seconds. A simple set up will appear, and all you need to do is to follow the instructions to make it easier. The set-up contains…

  • Giving your site a new title to let people know about your site.
  • Update your homepage (images and text).
  • Customizing your site menu (Navigation)

Once you’re done with that, click on the WordPress icon at the top left of your computer or Android screen, select ‘Launch your site to the world‘, then click ‘Launch Site‘.

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How to create a free blog with WordPress


The next page will prompt you to buy a top domain. Scroll down and click on ‘Skip purchase’. Also, click ‘Start with a free Site’ on the next page. Congratulations, you blog is now ready.

How to create a free blog with WordPress

Features of WordPress

  • Customizable designs.
  • Responsive mobile sites.
    Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly.
  • High performance.
  • Manage on the Go.
    High security.
  • Powerful media management.
  • Easy and accessible.


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