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How to use chrome browser on Android phones

How to use chrome browser on Android phones

Chrome browser can be used to access the internet, and find solutions for users who seek to learn or get information. Are you new to this browser, or you’re not familiar with it? Continue reading to discover how to use Chrome browser on Android phones with ease.

How to use chrome browser on Android phones

To use Chrome browser, download and install the application. Accept the terms & conditions (if installed newly). Please make sure you turn on your data or wifi connection. Most times, the application comes with some android devices too. Click on the Chrome icon. Then, click on the search toolbar. Enter what you want to search for and send.

Features of Chrome browser

Let’s take a look at some features of this browser, how to use it, and settings. Most features of Chrome browser are locate at the top right of your Android phones. Click the three dot there to open.

Once it’s opened, you will see Chrome new incognito tab, bookmarks, recent tabs, history, downloads, translate, share, find in page, add to Home screen, desktop site, settings, and help & support.

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How to use chrome browser on Android phonesHow to use chrome browser on Android phones

Chrome new tab.

This feature allows you to create a different tab without tampering with the one you currently opened. Once you select ‘new tab’, a new blank page will open, and you will be free to continue a new search. You can switch between two or more tabs.

Chrome new incognito tab

This is almost the same with the previous one explained above. In chrome new incognito tab, you will be able to avoid people to see your browsing history. Also, you can browse privately. If you don’t want someone to know what you’re browsing about, this feature is great for that. You can always use this feature when accessing Information online or using your personal account online with someone’s device.

Chrome bookmarks.

It contains all the sites you have bookmarked. It helps to remind/save the list of your favorite sites, which will make it easier for you to access. The bookmark also have a search integration. You can use it to search for any page you wish to see.

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Chrome recent tabs

As the name implies, it contains history of your recently browsed site.

Chrome history

There, you can find the history of sites you have been browsing on. You can search or clear your browsing history.

Chrome downloads

The ‘downloads’ contains a list of pages, links, applications, and other contents you downloaded. To set Chrome download storage, click on the settings Icon and set it to your preferred location. Also, use the search button toolbar to quickly get what you’re looking for.

The ‘downloads‘ also, contains ‘MY FILES‘ where you can see a list of downloaded items, and ‘ARTICLES FOR YOU‘ where you can see suggested interesting articles.

Chrome translate.

This option enables users to translate pages to their preferred Languages. With chrome translate, information online are available to users in different languages without making use of a translator app. The translation tab appears only when you’re online.

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Chrome share.

With chrome share, you can easily print, copy or share the current document you’re viewing.

Chrome find in page.

With this, you can find any page you are looking for through searching by an alphabet, word, or sentence.

Chrome add to Home screen.

This allows you to add important pages at home screen. With that, you can easily click on the link and continue with your favorite site.

Chrome desktop site

This simply allow you to turn your current page into a desktop site. Once you turn it on, the page will reload and look like that of a computer. Some web features are hidden when using mobile view. With chrome desktop mode, you can see all features.

Chrome settings

This option allows you to customize and set other activities in chrome. These activities include search engine, passwords, payment methods, addresses-and-more, homepage and theme.

Chrome help and feedback.

In chrome help and feedback, you can describe your issue and get an answer to it. You can also, browse popular articles which may help you find answers to your questions. If you see any product on the browser that viloates your privacy or rights, you can report.

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