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Ali Express Delivery to Nigeria

AliExpress delivery to Nigeria

Purchase any item you want from China online, and it will be delivered to you in Nigeria. Here, you will learn about AliExpress Nigeria and Ali Express delivery to Nigeria. Remember, your location is important when you want to order from AliExpress Nigeria.

The best thing about Ali Express Delivery to Nigeria is that it comes with free shipping and cheap goods. Another good thing about AliExpress is that it arrives before the estimated delivery date. Don’t forget that you must be careful when selecting a vendor.

AliExpress Nigeria

AliExpress Nigeria has been a wonderful business environment for Nigerians. This online company is being patronized by those who wish to sell or buy wholesale, retail, or consume. Just like Amazon, Jumia, or Jiji, you can become a vendor or a buyer on AliExpress Nigeria.

Ali Express delivery to Nigeria
Tracking delivery in AliExpress

This means that as a Nigerian, you can buy or sell on AliExpress. Some items you can find on AliExpress Nigeria are tools, home and garden, phone accessories, and computer electronics. Others are toys, wears, gold chains, silver necklaces, bangles, etcetera.

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Buy the latest or trending items you want from AliExpress, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Choose a highly rated vendor to buy from, and also check the number of items sold. This strategy will help you get your goods delivered without any issues.

Ali Express Delivery to Nigeria

Ali Express delivery to Nigeria from China is estimated at 75 days for free shipping. For paid shipping, it is between 7 and 30 days. Most times, the free shipping doesn’t last up to 75 days. It is just an estimate.

For easy delivery, make sure you give an address that is located in the town or city. Enter an address that would make it easier for the dispatchers to locate it. Ali Express Delivery to Nigeria is one of the popular ways Nigerians deliver goods from China to Nigeria.

When it comes to Ali Express delivery to Nigeria, it allows you to track the location of the item you ordered. Also, you will be able to change your address or contact the seller.

When you attempt to purchase or order an item from AliExpress, there are processes involved. There include:

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This is when you place an order on AliExpress but you did not pay for it. It could be either that your card is declined, or insufficient funds.


The processing category is when you make a payment for the item you ordered. The seller will now begin to process these items in order to prepare them for shipment.


When the items you ordered have been shipped, they will appear in the “Shipped” category. There, you can track the order and confirm receipt. Make sure you do not press or tap the “Confirm receipt” option. You can only do this after you have received the item(s) you ordered.

If you mistakenly tap on the Confirm receipt option, there will no longer be buyer protection for you if any issues arise during the delivery process or after delivery.


As the name implies, this is when the items are being reviewed.

After successful delivery, the items received will appear in the “Completed Category”. Also, you can find closed items in the category.


If any item is returned or refunded, it will appear here.

Before we conclude on this topic, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions related to AliExpress.

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Frequently asked questions about Ali Express delivery to Nigeria

Is Ali Express a scam?

The answer is no. Ali Express is not a scam. There are real sellers on the platform that you can buy from. Despite the fact that in every entity there is always fraud, you can get a refund if your goods are not delivered to you. The buyer’s protection will protect you.

Where is AliExpress located?

The answer is China. The headquarters of AliExpress is Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

What is 75-day buyer protection?

The 75-day buyer protection allows you to get a refund if the item arrives late or is not as described. Buyer protection starts on the day the seller ships the product.

How can I track my order?

To track your order, launch the AliExpress app and tap on your profile. Next, tap on “Shipped” and select “Track order“.

In conclusion, AliExpress Nigeria has buyer protection. This buyer protection allows the buyer to request a refund if he or she has not received the goods. Ali Express delivery to Nigeria is easy and simple.

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